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Welcome to the home page of Nigel, alias 'Blackblade', scourge of the eight seas. What is the eighth sea? Why, the ANSI C of course! Ah ha ha ha ha!
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  My Taiji instructors web site.
  The Neijia or 'Internal arts' page.
My Aiki-arts page
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How programmers shoot themselves in the foot (humor)
Dilbert. Need I say more?
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While not putting on an outrageous accent and pretending I have a parrot stuck to my shoulder (dead or not), I am by day a mild-mannered software engineer currently working for the Press Association where I help develop/support the Teletext system (Wild stuff huh?), and by night a practitioner of traditional oriental arts (see my Aiki, Taiji and Neijia pages above).

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