Hardware Course Certificate

Student Name   : Mr.Sitipon Loanwisate
Training Center : TELECOM INFO Co., Ltd.
			604/3 rm. 4105, floor 4&6, Pantip Plaza Computer Center Building,
			New Petchaburi Road, RajaThevi, Bangkok Thailand 10400
			Phone (66) 02-2679451;  02-2679375  Contact the Center   About Computer Arcade 'Pantip Plaza'
What I has been trained ?
	Hardware Course..
	Assembling Hardware
	Fixing Hardware Problem, Checking and Repairing
	Setting Up Four Hard Disk Drives
	Setting Up Floppy Disk Drive
	Hard Drive Adding and Partitioning
	Setting Up BIOS ( AMI, AWARD, PHOENIX & etc. )
	Setting Up Electric Wire, Jumper, CMOS
	Setting Up Modem, Fax Modem( External and Internal )
	Device Card Installation
	Plug And Play Device
	Hardware Theoretical
	Over Clock
	Utilities; DOS, Norton, LAPLINK
	Multimedia Installation
	Windows Software Installation

Date Issued : September 1998

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