Hello and welcome to Limitless Possibilies, the online home of everything creative and good in the world. Within these pages you'll find artwork, photos, stories, and pretty much anything else I can think of.
To make your life easier (in case the links on the upper left side of every page aren't easy enough for you), This site can be divided into a few easy sections:
Say, is that Agnes?!things to look at
here is where you can find my online portfolio, a photo album, of sorts, and examples of my doctor-mandated hobby.

Hey, another article about Agnes! Score!things to read
stories that I write to pass the time, answers to all life's questions, and my resume, ready to get me a job

Oh, Agnes, you use me, but do you LOVE me?other fun html things
a java-based video game to kill some time at work, links to some other decent pages, and my guestbook, where you can vent your frustrations at the world.

Limitless Possibilities has existed in one form or another since the fall of 1996, when I started it because I had nothing better to do. The design has gone through four distinct evolutions, culminating in the eye-gougingly good design you see before you now. I stole the current design from a friend of mine--don't worry, proper credit is given on my links page.

click here for more information Basically this site serves as my creative outlet; I display my art, write a little bit, and just basically have fun playing around. I get to learn, and design, and basically show off.

It's been said that no one wants to hear the nonsensical ravings of a loudmouthed malcontent. Well, I get pretty good traffic here irregardless. So kick back, click around, and enjoy your stay. If you have fun here, tell your friends and spread the wealth!

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