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I have been slowly adding more photos and content to the MMBA website, and welcome members' comments and suggestions. Please keep in mind that I have created this hard way (raw HTML) as I do not have any fancy publishing programs. I would like to be able to notify members when significant enhancements have been made, so please send your email addresses to:


I would also like to know if you are having any problems viewing the pages. If so, please tell me whether you are using Windows or a Mac, which version of Windows, and what type and version of browser (i.e., Netscape or Explorer). Knowing this info. will enable me to try to fix the bugs. Sometimes if you just "RELOAD" (using Right Mouse Button) a frame it will fix itself - especially the photos. I'm sorry that I can't do anything to stop the annoying "pop-up" ads. They occur because I am using free server space to save the club $. If you know of an ISP that provides free space to non-profits, let me know.

Because I am aware that personal information on the web (phone, email, addresses, etc.) can end up being misused by strangers, I am sensitive to not list the direct contact info. of our members. That information can be obtained from The Shellback or the Member Roster (created June 1999).

For more info. please call or write:
(415) 364-1656

E-mail: mastermariners@hotmail.com

DISCLAIMER NOTICE: This website and message board is here for MMBA Membersí use and pleasure, and is not to be used for commercial purposes. This website provides a resource to members. Our list of members is not available for sale under any circumstance, and members are asked to respect the privacy rights of the rest of the group. If a member wishes to post his/her own personal contact information on the message board he is welcome to, just be aware that it is then out there in cyberspace for all to see. The articles posted here are not intended to replace the advice and services of professionals. Any information shared is the opinion of its author and open to discussion. Material, text and photographs alike, contained within these pages belong to the members who produced them and are not to be used elsewhere without their permission. Please contact MMBA via email for any permission requests.

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