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The next issue of The Shellback will be out in early June 2002. Here are some excerpts from previous issues. Additional overdue archives will be added this Summer.

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March, 2001
November, 2000
August, 2000
June, 2000

If you have any stories, classifieds, PHOTOS, etc., please submit them by A.S.A.P after the Regatta. You do not have to format the text, just send it as an email. I will have to reformat anyway. If there are any maps or tables, you can fax them to me or mail it to me. If sending articles by floppy disk, please try to use Microsoft Word for IBM compatibles. Photos for The Shellback copy better from the real photo, so please mail them to me. If it is a good photo of a member boat under sail though, a JPG file will be great for the website, or I can scan the photo for you. Call or email me to discuss the easiest way to get the material in (my phone number is on The Shellback).

Members and sponsors are entitled to place free ads in The Shellback. If you have large or recurring ads, some payment/donation may be requested to offset printing charges.

If any members live in San Francisco proper, and would be available for helping with The Shellback mailing (folding, stapling, stamping, labeling) it would be greatly appreciated and would speed up the process. Please let me know.

The Shellback is printed six to eight times a year, depending on the tidal and meteorological conditions. We encourage contributions and ideas from all our members, so please don't hold back. Selected articles will also be available here in the near future (as soon as I can squeeze a few more hours out of each day), along with photos, race results, cruising stories, etc. Issues come out appx. early January, mid-April, early June, early August, October/November. To submit articles and photos, please call or write us (contact info. listed on The Shellback), or send email to:

Frances Wilkerson-Dugdale, Shellback Editor, &
Ariane Paul, Webmaster

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