Fife - 1851 Census (Partial)


These extracts are partial and not guaranteed to be complete - check the originals when you can. There are only 7 areas in Fife for which we have some records listed here - see below. They are incomplete in themselves, and some details are missing from the records that are there. That said - check them out - you may be lucky! This page stands in isolation - to get back to my genealogy pages click the blue link - to get back to where you were, click your browser's "Back" button. To search the extracts below, use the "Find" facility on your browser - remember to try alternative spellings where applicable. Remember also to let the page load fully before using your "Find" button, or your browser will only search what has loaded and you may miss out.

The records are arranged as follows:


The first letter indicates the type of line entry - Z here indicates that it is a new household entry, J indicates a new line item, $ indicates a break etc. All data fields are seperated by "/". If there is no data between slashes like this - "/ /" it indicates that that field was missing or illegible. Each household entry is prefaced by a reference, street number and street name - but I have seen in some records the street name is missing.


Code/Firstname(s)/Surname/Rel. to Head/Marr. status/Male age/Female Age/Occupation/County/Parish

The following partial records are available :


I have no other records, and nothing more on these I'm afraid. Good Luck!

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Alex Rogers - London - 20/01/99