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Here you will find some stuff about me, my art, my hobbies and much more. Please note that this site is always under construction..

Unfortunately, I am almost out of space on this host. 

In the meanwhile, Here is a link to my new puppet page.
Also, this is my blog for those of you who enjoy such things.
 One of the coolest graphical sites I have ever seen. Where I adopted Bill?.

As for a new restaurant review page, I am  mourning and broke and on a diet, but I promise to post one soon.
April 25th 2003
In memory of my father
March 12th 2003

Happy Purim!
Meet the puppet with Edna the sheep

Please sign the guest book!

Edna the sheep

February 20th 2003

Meet the puppet with Ruby and Yorami
Meet the puppet with Shpachtel and Petza

New greetings page

- July 14th 2001 -

New illustrations
New links

- April 4th 2001 -
Today I've got for you..

A guest review page 
and a new meet the puppet page introducing Boaz

- March 17th 2001 -

New and even newer reviews

- December 21st 2000 -
A british restaurant page

And shopping in style in London - Introducing the Bermuda Triangle of money 

 - November 25th 2000 -

The restaurant page  goes
up north for some soul food.

Stay tuned: The page goes to England to bring you some  new international reviews.

Also - Please note  there have been some updates in the reviews (a few places have been closed during these last few weeks).
- August 9th 2000 -

The restaurant page takes a little leave, due to this page owners diet (..) and opens its door to guest reviews. Soon I will add a guest review form. 

Still, please visit the demoted restaurant upadted

A strong social document - Shake doggy shake

Meet the puppet with Micky
A new restaurant review page

Plus some Must see's

- May 24th 2000 -

The restaurant page goes abroad!

The page goes abroad!

Plus more updates to the Isareli restaurant reviews update page 

- March 4th 2000 - 

The new Meet the puppet page, with Shgozi the doggy pooh

Plus a few updates to the restaurant reviews

And, a special tribute to a special friend

- January 9th 2000 -

A second restaurant review page

The January tiny 2000 edition of Meet the puppet , with my new Squeaky mouse.

- November 14th 1999 -

The restaurant review page

I also added a few links to the link page.

-October 19 1999-

The October edition of Meet the puppet , intreducing the lovely Pitzi and Sholem.

Tell me who is your puppet and I will tell you who you are!

Send mea picture of your puppet and its short resume, maybe it will star in the great November edition of Meet the puppet

-September 21 1999-

Here you will find some greeting card designs I made (in Hebrew)
Look at my new Meet the puppet page, this time - starring Nazo the bear.
Here you will find some links and other stuff I find nifty

Please email me!

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