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The Little Girl Smiles

by Wendy J Hanson

The little girl smiles
as she holds back tears
of shame and guilt and fear
and wonders if everybody hurts
as much as she does and as
she gets older she hides
because she doesn't want to
hurt anymore and then she
stops believing in herself and
smiles and denies anything
ever happened and one day
when she tries to tell
someone about the pain they
don't believe her because
the little girl smiles

The original painting, 75cm x 102cm, mixed media, is in the permanent collection of Grande Prairie Regional College, Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada

A Special Limited Edition Print was created, signed and numbered by the artist
The print was made as part of a fundraising effort to support the prevention of family violence and child abuse and to aid in the recovery of the survivors. The prints are lithographed on acid free paper, 40cm x 50cm, and were available directly from the artist for a limited time. The price of each print was $40 (US) and 50% of the proceeds was donated to an agency, society or shelter. Unless otherwise requested the donations were made to randomly selected agencies.


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1997 Wendy J Hanson

Evergreen Studio