A Production

Puckermuck Cove is a Michael B McNeill production.

WARNING: Some of these comic strips may contain adult situations or themes.

Once upon a time:
strip #116 "For love of nipples" May 1/2000 new
strip #115 "Shallow waters" Jan. 11/1999
strip #114 "Telephony" Feb. 12/1998
strip #113 "Til aw the seas gang dry" Feb. 2/1998
strip #112 "Home sweet home II" Jan. 27/1998
strip #111 "Expelled from paradise" Jan. 22/1998
strip #110 "According to Freud" Jan. 12/1998
strip #109 "Angus Og goes tae school" Nov. 11/1997
strip #108 "The Beautiful People" Nov. 1/1997
strip #107 "The weight of the world" Oct. 21/1997
strip #106 "Swirls, twirls & woad" Oct. 13/1997

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