"Parland" 1849 from London to Sydney

The Parland sailed from London in May 1849 and arrived at Sydney on 5 July 1849

This voyage of the Parland carried mainly German immigrants. I believe many of them were skilled in the wine trade (growers, vintners, coopers etc) - for more information contact John Holstein of Northmead, NSW, who is descended from the Holsteins aboard this voyage. The information below comes from him - thanks for allowing me to publish it, John. Jenny Paterson of Croydon NSW originally provided him with the list, which is available from NSW Records, their ref Reel 2459, so contact them should you wish copies of the original documentation.

The table below indicates the families who were on board by name, name of wife (with maiden name in brackets where available) and names and ages of children. Search for the surname you want by scrolling down or using the "Find" function on your browser.

Married Men

Name Surname Comments
Joseph ARNOLD Married Anna Maria BAUMANN on Voyage
Anna Maria BAUMANN Married Joseph ARNOLD on Voyage
Dorothea BAMBACH (Sayer)
Elizabeth BARBELER (Gehrig)
Joseph BARTH  
Catherina BARTH (Schneider)
Jacob BENDER  
Augusta BENDER (Mayer)
Anton BERG  
Margaretha BERG (Kern)
Elizabeth BERG 7
Bernhard BERG 4
Catharina BERG Infant
Mattheas BIECH  
Anna Maria BIECH (Korb)
Heinrich BUFFIER  
Catharina BUFFIER (Weber)
Johannes BUFFIER Infant
Phillip BULLMAN  
Appollonia BULLMAN (Ternes)
Heinrich BURG  
Elizabetha BURG (Rotger)
Andreas BURG 15
Margaretha BURG 13
Josephine BURG 9
Frederick CATTA  
Anna Maria CATTA (Schick)
Frederick William EBBECKE  
Maria Josephina EBBECKE (Kaiser)
Appollonia EICHHORN (Delker)
Catharina Barbara ESCHBACH (Barth)
Conrad FRANCK  
Catharine FRANCK (Kirchner)
Boy FRANCK Born on voyage
Thomas GARDOLL  
Margaretha GARDOLL  
Franz GEHRIG  
Anna Maria GEHRIG (Frenzel)
Wilhelm GEHRIG 17
Joseph GEHRIG 16
Johann Linus GEHRIG 12
Jacob GEIS  
Catharina Francisca GEIS (Bieger)
Jacob GEIS 4
Phillip GEIS Infant
Joseph GEITZ  
Katharina GEITZ  
Martin GIPPEL  
Catharine GIPPEL (Ziemer)
Maria Louisa GREBERT (Wagner)
Heinrich GRIESE  
Maria Sophia GRIESE (Rausch)
Henrietta GRIESE 20
Matilda Wilhemina GRIESE 18
Engelbert HAHN  
Anna Maria HAHN (Kremer)
Catharina HAHN 16
William HAHN 3
Anton Joseph HAHN Infant
Ignatz HARTGE  
Anna Maria HARTGE (Jost)
Johann HARTGE 17
George Franz HARTGE 15
Franz HARTGE 12
Heinrich HARTGE 6
Ignatz HARTGE 3
George Joseph HARTGE (BAMBACH) A note says this name should be BAMBACH
Anna Maria HARTGE (BAMBACH) (Weltzer)
Francisca HARTGE (BAMBACH) 3
Johann HEIL  
Catherine HEIL  
Balthasa HEIL Infant
Margaretha HERMANN  
Carl Stephen HERMANN 17
Johann HENCKEL  
Anna Marg HENCKEL (Schmidt)
Catharine HOFFMANN (Rohr)
Johann HOLSTEIN Spelled HOLSTEINE on list
Maria HOLSTEIN (Lengas)
Johann Joseph HOST  
Elizabeth HOST (Engelhard)
Phillip KHLEE the KHLEEs were with the WETZLERs
Clara KHLEE (Moos)
Johann KLEIN  
Margaretha KLEIN (Gedecker)
Andreas KOCH  
Louisa KOCH (Zutze)
Louisa KOCH 7
Christian KOCH Infant
Johann George KOCH  
Elizabetha KOCH  
George KOCH 13
Johan Frederick KOCH 10
George Bernard KOCH  
Elizabetha KOCH (Hoffmann)
Joachim KOCH 15
Joseph KOCH 3
Louisa KOCH Infant
George Adam KOCH  
Maria Christina KOCH  
Catharina Margaretha KOCH 14
Maria Elizabeth KOCH 7
Johann Christian KOCH Infant
Phillip KUHN  
Anna Maria KUHN (Diefenbach)
Louis Conrad KUHN Infant
Johann KUNZ  
Anna Maria KUNZ (Gorner)
Franz KLUM  
Wilhemina KLUM (Emmelhainz)
Peter KRAHN  
Dorothea KRAHN (Rapp)
Johann KRAHN 17
Joseph KRAHN 14
Peter LENHA  
Elizabetha LENHA (Weis)
Peter LENHA 15
Andrea LENHA 9
Elizabeth LENHA 7
Peter MARKER  
Catharina MARKER (Antoni)
Eberhardt MAYER  
Rosalia MAYER (Schumaker)
Girl MAYER Born on voyage
Andreas METH  
Johanna METH (Weber)
Phillip MAURER  
Magdalena MAURER (Schenk)
Andreas MUNCH  
Anna Maria MUNCH (Johr)
Anna Maria NORGARDT (Gunkel)
Johan PETRY  
Barbara PETRY  
Thomas SCHIFF A note says this name should be SCHIPP
Lucia SCHIFF (Russet)
George POST  
Catharina POST (Maurer)
Valentin RUBENACH  
Clara RUBENACH (Nuss)
Heinrich SCHMUTTER  
Catharina SCHMUTTER (Post)
Catharina SCHWAERZEL (Urich)
Christian SENF  
Elizabetha SENF (Koch)
Christian SENF Infant
Elizabeth STAADER (Harff)
Jacob WACKER  
Francisca WACKER (Ternes)
Jacob WETZLER The WETZLERs were with the KHLEEs
Phillip Joseph WETZLER The WETZLERs were with the KHLEEs
Frederick William DORNACHER  
Joseph HAHN  
Alexander WAGNER  
Anna Maria SAYER Mother inlaw of Anton Bambach & Ignatz Hartge

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