This is Steve Mercado's first assignment for Computer Science Class COP 3502

I am not all that special, just a regular guy who likes music, computers and parties. I am freshman at UCF, and graduated from South Plantation High School in Fort Lauderdale. My major is computer science, and I'm currently taking 2 computer classes to reach that goal. One is obviously Computer Science and the other is Intro to Pascal.

I do have my very own homepage which can be found on Geocities. There are many pages on it, so here are the links to some of the pages.


The first page of the set

Tells about the type of music I listen to

This page is a bit about my life in general

A page I put up to put my friends in the spotlight

Has links to all of my favorite sites on the web

A very long list of most of the cd's in my collection

A collection of some really crazy pages I have created



Here are some more links I put up here for convenience.

Twinkies Project - A page that does the unimaginable. It puts a Twinkie through a Turing Test!

The Homepage of Dr. Ron Dutton - The instructor of Computer Science COP3502

Course Home Page - Homepage of my Computer Science class.