Cool Links

   If you were me, then I'd be you, and I'd be using your body to get to this page!    And if you were me, then you'd love this page because it would be the only page that has all of your favorite links. But I'm sorry. You are not me. So chances are that you won't like all of the links on this page. But who cares? I like them all and this is my page. You are just a guest on MY page. You're lucky that I'm even letting you in here!!! Well, here are the sites, whether you like them or not!

Radio Stations

  • netradioThe Buzz 103.1
  • 94.9 Zeta

    103.5 Planet Radio

    Other Cool Music Pages

    Steve Vai





    TrainspottingRomeo and JulietToy Story

    Find your own cool links through Yahoo!


    If you happen to have a good web page for any type of  cream soda or french bread, please let me know and I'll put it up!

    There will be more links to come, of course.