Incoherent Gibberish

          So, therefore I enacted this document upon the fourteenth of October in the year of 1996, in the county of Broward, residing in the state of Florida, located in the Southeast corner of the coutry of the United States of America, on the planet Earth, in the Star system of the Milky Way.

          If any of the denizens temporarily or permanently located in this vector of the galaxy they must maintain with themselves all of their immediate and personal belongings and property or else shall immediately be suspended of all exceeding property other than found upon themselves.

          The sale of all waepons and pain or death inflicting devices is limited to three tons of mechanical or electrical equipment per person, of course to be carried upon that person at all times, in accordance to the above stated precept.

          Any offenses under the category of Criminal law shall be resolved with the immediate flagellation of the violator, as well as the dimemberment of any two limbs of the "Officer of the Maintenence of the peace's" chioce if there is any presence of cybernetic or cyber-biological limbs on the body of the violating individual, these shall also be destroyed immediately.

          No citizen or individual within this vector shall mean or attempt to cause or inlict any bodily or mental harm to any other individual, especially any "Officer of the Maintenence of the peace". any discordance upon this law shall result in the placement of the violators body into an tank, where, over the time of twenty decades, they will slowly experience their own self-evaporation.

          Scratching bodily parts in public is limited is fiteen scratches a day, this of course not limited to sniffing or rubbing. Any exceeding of the preset amountof scratches will result in the public embarrassmant by "declothination" of that violator.

          To those who are members of the , all groin and crotch scratch and sniffing shall be limited to the local Magistrate. if need be, a Royal Duncan may present itself in an innapropriate and irrelevant manner. this must and shall be made in the presence of the "officer of the Maintenence of the peace", and is therefore made available for the public's scratching and sniffing.

          If any infringements upon the rights of any other individuals besides their own or those of their immediate family, shall result in the temination by execution of illethal injection, mandated by an "officer of the Maintenance of the peace" within a time limit of thirty of thieir violation.