Any kind of document about me without the mention of music is simply nonexistent. Music is my life, and it's that simple. My music collection holds over 200 cd's and only about 25 tapes. On the average, I try to buy a new cd with each paycheck. It kinda sucks at the moment, considering I don't have a job. Most of the time I do, but I still slip up once in a while. I can tolerate any kind of music, but I have a few favorite "types" of music. Rock, mostly alternative, and lately I have had a very big interest in rave and techno music. I love going to raves just to hear that stuff. Then narrowing it down even more, there are a few bands I particularly like. Let me name a few...

arrowSteve Vai                            arrowJoe Satrianai

arrow311                                      arrowDave Matthews

arrowSublime                                arrowMettalica

arrowBlake Babies                       arrowVan Halen

arrowJuliana Hatfield                   arrowGuster <----(check this one out!!! they're an awesome band)

And here you can see a list of my cd collection. It's not very up to date, but someday it will be. Right now, I really don't think you'll want to see it, but I just have it here more for my own records and decided to put it up. It's pretty extensive, over 200cd's, with everything from Warren G to Nine Inch Nails.

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