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My picture Hi! Welcome to my home in Cyberspace. My name is Jennis Tadeo Mortel, 31 years old, married to a beautiful wife and blessed with two wonderful children.

I was born and raised in Manila, Philippines. I graduated from college with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from the Mapúa Institute of Technology.

I am currently working at Johnson & Johnson as a Programmer/Analyst using Software AG's Natural®, Adabas and IBM's DB2® on the mainframe. I also had prior experience in Visual Basic and Oracle.

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The following is from the nationalistic side of me.

For those Filipinos who already forgotten the Lupang Hinirang, click on the upper Philippine Flag. And, if you want to know more details about the National Flag, click on the lower one.

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This page was created as a result of my experiment with the HTML language. There was no Web authoring tool that was used to create this page and everything was keyed-in using Notepad. When I surf the Web, I always look at the source code to learn new things and apply it here. To me, that's the only way I can appreciate the HTML language as a programmer. Web authoring tools are great for non-programmers or for commercial web sites where the page must be created in the smallest possible time and budget. With this in mind, I hope that this page will be viewed in a different perspective. In short, I really enjoyed creating my home in Cyberspace. ENJOY!!!

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