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The Rules:

* DO NOT place these graphics in any sort of graphical archive, whether it is commercial or not. If you have questions Ask Me!

* Don't link to these graphics. Save them and upload them to your own server

To Save your graphics on a PC right click and choose Save Image As.
On a Macintosh, Hold down the mouse button and choose "Save image as." Or later versions of netscape allow you to "drag" an image off a page into a folder. I cannot vouch for this feature in any other browser.

* If you DO use my graphics please Email Me! I'm interested to know how you've used my images on your pages. I also hope to eventually create a links page for those pages that are using my graphics. You must also give me credit. These images are Copyright 1998 Sasheena McLean. They may only be used on personal web pages. If someone out there actually wants to use them for a non-profit or commercial web site, please Ask Me First! In addition to the email, if you use my graphics please use one of my banners to link back to me, or at the very least a text link. You must give me credit in some form. The graphics and link are located below.

I'm working on an Index which might be useful

For links to pages using my graphics, Click Here

Link to: http://www.reocities.com/SouthBeach/Breakers/4446/


or with

or with

The kitten on my logo graphics is courtesy of Glenda Moore of

She has an awesome site devoted to cats and kittens and all things feline.

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