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"When a white army battles Shawnee and wins it is called a 'Great Victory', but if they lose it is called a 'Massacre' and bigger armies are raised. If the Shawnee flees before the advance of such armies, when he tries to return he finds that white men are living where he lived. If he tries to fight off such armies, he is killed and the land is taken away."
Chiksika, elder brother of Tecumseh 1779

"Indian Pics"(Page 2)[ "Indian Pics"(Page 3)

"Native American Faces"(Page 1)Shawnee warrior, Ojibwa warrior, Cree woman

"Native American Faces"(Page 2)Ojibwa warrior, Miami warrior, Wyandot chief

"Native American Faces"(Page 3)Iroquois woman, warrior, dancer

"Nansemond Indian Tribal Pow Wow 1998"

"The Tunnel"

"Shawnee's Reservation"[ "Homepage"


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