Woman and Wolf

Ni-wa etc M'wheewa

...............In the beginning, there was a very old woman who lived in a cave...her only companion was the wolf.
She sat by a small campfire which had a cooking pot of incense burning on it.
She worked on a beaded blanket with a bone needle.

She was very old.

She worked very slow.

She would grasp the bone needle with her bony fingers and carefully place one bead at a time.
After placing several beads, she would have to get up to put a branch on the small campfire.
As she went to do this, the wolf would remove the beads she had so laboriously placed on the blanket.
She would come back to resume her work and the wolf would curl up at her feet to keep her warm....for with such a small campfire the old woman would get cold.
She always smiled and petted the wolf lovingly...even though she knew he had removed her beads...

You see...she knew that the wolf knew..that...

..the incense gave the sweet smell to father sky..and that if she ever finished her blanket...it would be the end of time...

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