Caribana Jam Review: August '95

I just got back Caribana Jam, it was really cool for a whole host of reasons. I thought it started at 8pm and I got there at 7:30pm or so... The jam was advertised as starting at 9pm. Anyhow to my surprise, when I got there, I heard the sounds of "Conway" blaring... Guess what the Mad Stuntman and the Reel2Real dancers were doing last minute rehearsals. So I got a peak at that. He screamed out "raise your hands", so I did :) Later he gave me hi-fives for it. The Mad Stuntman, the dancers and some other guy, were horsing around... They were acting really stupid :) Made me laugh, I managed to get a photo with them :) Just before the show began, Emjay and Solina were hanging around the entrance with their people. I waited awhile to make sure it was them and then finally asked for a photo when I thought they were about to leave to get on stage. They didn't and I ended up asking Emjay and Solina a couple questions... [Reel-2-Real]
[Solina & Me & Emjay] Found out from Emjay, that her album is being released at the end of August (and I am pretty sure it has been delayed). The next single (released next week) will be "Flying to the moon" and expect couple more singles to come off the album in probably "In your arms" or "Point of no return"... "Fascinated" and "Point of no return" are exported to the US... But she appeared doubtful that much would come out of it :( I didn't ask Solina much because the only single know of her is "I want to know"... I think she said "Summer Nights" is her latest offering... BTW Emjay and Solina are off Primus Records... (In the picture, left-to-right, it's Solina, some goofy oddball who remains to be anonymous and Emjay...)

What happened?
  • Emjay - 6 songs
    (Sound of my heartbeat, In your arms, Flying to the moon, Point of no return, Be my man, Fascinated)
  • Solina - 5 songs
    (including: I want to know, Breakout, Summer Nights)
  • Roxxy - 3 songs
    (including: I'll never stop)
  • Nadia - 3 songs
  • Lady Shelley - 2 songs
    (Sweet Party, Her version of "Macarena")
  • Faulkner Abrahams - 1 song
  • Kareine - 1 song
    (Glamourous Life (It ain't much))
  • Temperance - 3 songs
    (mixed together inc. Music is my life, Never let you go)
  • Ed-ian Cartell - 2 songs
    (including: their latest Caribana Jam)
  • Reel2Real (Mad Stuntman) - 6 songs
    (Conway, Go on move, Stuntman's Anthem, Can you feel it? Raise your hands, I like to move it)
    Interesingly, If you remember "Street Tuff" from Double Trouble and the Rebel MC... Stuntman's Anthem has a sample of that...

    Disappointments: The crowd was really low... Like there were only about 150-200 ppl there. I was expecting far more. Mad Stuntman said he didn't mind. In fact by then there were only half that. The crowd were just not into Emjay, especially just before "Fascinated" I found looking round that I was the only one dancing :( Emjay deserves much better than this, but enough of my soap box...

    [Solina & Emjay]
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