Benedict Lam Hang

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Re: Networking/Internet Server/Database Specialist

Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am interested in learning more about your company after seeing your website while searching the Internet.

    I have a variety of skills and interests that I bring to the table in the form of a resume and are briefly explained in this cover letter.

    One of my biggest interests is in the field of networking and internetworking. Networking and communications is a big area and a driving force in the Computer Industry today. I have had great deal of experience networking from my two work stints at Scotiabank in the form of controlling routers and hubs at the server level with an AS-250 AIX Server. Setting up PC's onto the Ethernet with the On-Net and Reflection TCP/IP packages with both Windows 3.11 and 95, creating workgroups and networking in Windows 95. I have learned some theory on Networking in university about ATM's, TCP/IP OSI structure and would like to apply this knowledge if at all possible!

    Another of my biggest interests relates to networking, the Internet and the software aspect of it. After viewing lots of work on the WWW, I appreciate the work that goes on the server side of a WWW site and would like to utilize my programming skills in administering a web site. I have had a phenomenal wealth experience in HTML. I have been coding in HTML for 3 years, self-taught. I have used tools to develop HTML pages, primarily FrontPage, but I can massage the HTML code of any superfluous tags that FrontPage leaves, if it is necessary. I have learned to use JavaScript and used it on the Scotiabank's Intranet website. I took a course in perl while at work and have some experience using it. I have used Java quite extensively for a software course at university and for my thesis, which was to develop a client-server game blackjack. In addition, I have used Adobe PhotoShop and PaintShop packages to create images for the net. You can see examples of my work at:


    Another field that interests me is the field of databases. My belief is that as more and more information is needed, the more everything has to be structured and databases/data warehousing do this for you. I have had experience with SQL in the form of embedding in c code to talk to a DB2 server at university ranging to developing a GUI demo and backend database for a questionnaire repository using access, access basic and excel at work.

    I hope my experience mentioned here and in the resume will meet your requirements and I look forward to hearing from you in the not too distant future.

Yours sincerely,

Benedict Lam Hang.