Benedict's Real Life Friends


A friend in need is a friend indeed...
Friends won't let you down, Friends will be around...
Chris is one the oldest friends I've had since I was 11. Yep way way way back in da good old days of Bexley Grammar School down in Kent. He's a 100% laugh... 0% sanity... Now if you thought I was weird, you ain't seen nothing yet. If you want to have kids stay away from him at all costs ;O) What does he like? Well he likes wrestling and computers and that's it really. TV wise, he's an avid Red Dwarf fan and one of our time favourite gameshows was the Crystal Maze, especially when Baldy "Take 2 bottles into the shower... not me I washed and it went" Richard O'Brien was presenting it. His music tastes are pretty varied but he generally likes what's on the chart. That is if he getting any time. The man is a workaholic. He works at the Schweppes/Coca Cola plant in Sidcup. So don't mention drinks or he'll start telling you how's it made ;)) of course he won't give you the secret of the schhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! He's a bit of prankster. No not Jeremy Beadle, but he does like to play practical jokes on his workmates. He's always a game for a laugh! He likes to do excellent inpersonations of Blakey, Lloyd Grossman, Prince Charles and Rab C Nesbitt. That's why he sometimes likes to be known as "Blakey Ramon" on talkers! He thinks he's Ravishing and simply the best.. Well yeah I tend agree ;O)
Chris' Catchphrase: "I'll get you for this next time, butler"      (Blakey)

Foz is little more saner than Chris but he's just as funny. He always has a wisecrack up his sleeve, so be careful. I've known him since I was 12, that's again at Bexley Grammar School. Where are all those Old Bexleians gone now? Amazingly he's managed to keep in touch with a few. What does he like? Well he likes alty/rocky kind of music (eg Tori Amos, REM, Richard Marx.. etc..), collecting comics, Star Trek and x-files (and other sci-fi stuff) Haven't heard from Foz in a while! Where is he?
Foz's Catchphrase: "Ah such is life..."

Mary is my little sister and actually a good friend too. She's all the way back in England finishing off her A-levels. A definite cheeky monkey. Then again she is the "monkey" in the chinese calendar. So I guess you would have to expect that. She loves hiphop and r&b and hanging out with her clique =OP

Dave likes to be known as the bear. Why? Because he asked several friends what animal does he resemble and the common answer was bear (meself included!) Well he likes to ask strange and predantic questions like (and at the moment I can't think of any ;O) that. Well he was one of my first friends that I made when I arrived in high school in Toronto. It all started as soon as I heard someone faking my accent in the seat behind me in Chem class and I looked over my shoulder... Ahh a start of booooooooootiful friendship ;O) He's in his last year in Electrical Engineering at the university of Toronto. Let's see what he likes... Travelling, a bit of politics (strange that for an engineer) and beer ;O) He's got a homepage.
Dave's Catchphrase: "Get with the program?"
Catchphrase to Dave: "Get with my... foot"

Rahel is probably the most relaxed guys that I know of. Always a steady head... Wait I am talking about Rahel. Well he likes playing a whole assortment of sports (such as rugby, tennis, volleyball... etc) and he likes to do anything. He's all round SANE nice guy. He's in 2nd year Med school at University of Toronto, so I'll guess we'll all be paging Dr Rahel, in the near future!

Ed or Mr Ed as we like to call him. Yes, he is the talking horse. Everything comes from the horse's mouth. No horse... manure! He doesn't say too much but what he does say is pretty profound and yes funny! He is another of my high school buds and is currently in his last year in Electrical Engineering at University of Toronto. What's even more ironic is the fact his dad working in the same department at me at Scotiabank. Ahhh aren't I priveldged, eh, Ed? (Whose homepage kicks ass, btw)

Dave T. is another guy from I met from high school in Toronto. I haven't seen a lot of him lately. Last I knew he was a hippie working nearby the University of Toronto.
Dave T's Catchphrase: "uhm"

Sammy is a real fungi to be with. Got to be friends in second year of computer engineering when we were lab partners for some electronics course. And for some reason we became the dynamic duo in that respect ;O) He is into computers and dance music like meself. Mind you he doesn't like it when he is called Samhole, that came off from an a**hole cos we sometimes get stupid. Anyone for netmaze, Samhole? He just got a job at Bell Sygma up here in Toronto and is making TOO much money for it =OP
Sam's Catchphrase: "You GOOF!!!"
Catchphrase to Sam: "You SAMHOLE!!!"

Duc is best summed up as a dimunitive smart alex. Very crafty and in it for the money :OP Anyhow he's gots all the connections and he's pretty dodgy. Just kidding! Also he seems convinced that I have a porno site going on. Now are there dodgy gifs of scantily clad/nude women on this website? I think NOT! He was in the same year as me at university as we both graduated from computer engineering. He's about to embark on job at janna systems up here in Toronto.
Duc's Catchphrase: "So how's the porno site?"

France-Lise is yet another graduate from that famed institute for Engineering at University of Toronto. She graduated a year ahead of me because I took year off on the internship program. Then I lost contact with her and then a few months ago, I bumped into her at work. She works at Metex Systems which is strangely enough is in Toronto too. She likes all kinds of things, lots of books and lots of music. Pretty artistic... Wait isn't that ironic for an engineer?

Francisca has been living next door since I moved to the downtown core. She likes everything, she wants to know everything. She likes a lot of latino/spanish stuff and proud of her background. She likes the arts, exercising and dancing around and going out. She graduated from Ryerson University and recently quit working at the Westin HarbourFront Hotel in Toronto to be with her family in Vancouver.
Fran's Catchphrase: "Enjoy life!"

Jamil was always there to keep me company when I working in the summer on a design project and now he's a post graduate and therefore he does some TA-ing (that's a Teaching Assistant) So I'll be nice now and just say Jamil's a very nice boy, just in case he becomes one of my TAs when I go back to uni. You can never be too sure ;O)

Paul is technically the first person I met off the internet. Met him in May 95. He lives in Pittsburgh. And came into Toronto to check out the dance scene here. He's a bit of a DJ. Well he's done some work in that respect. All round nice guy with a weird sense of humour. BTW fix up your homepage a little okay?
Paul's Catchphrase: "Stop being anal!!!"

Sanjay has been bugging me to put himself on my friends list. So here you got your name mentioned! What an ego... um yeah ;O) So San the man (Sanman) is a bit of dance buff and got his own chart. What's to tell? Well he used to be in Calgary and now he lives in Toronto doing post-grad research in medicine as well as working for sick kids. Anyhow he calls me the cdb (cheap dirty...) cos um I don't that many cd's when really I am choosy about my cd's ;) Hey I am making you look bad, San but then again this is my website =OP