Hot Rush '97 (June)

Reviewed by: Adam

What happened?

The concert was suppose to start at 5:30 but they started a bit early at 5:15. As I was buying a t-shirt which was only $10 I heard them announcing the group Aftershock. They remixed some 80's song but it was nothing special, I caught the last 30 seconds of their act. Next was Elite and they sung 2 songs, one was "Ecstacy" and the next was pretty good. M2P was after Elite. They did the song "Do You Love Me?" and then they tried pumping up the crowd. Then they sung their new song which is called "Pussy Hunter" which got a good reaction from the crowd (at least all the guys!).

Sotto Voce was next but I went to the snack bar to buy food and missed them but I didn't care. The next few groups were all pretty good. Althea McQueen did her song "HeartBroken". The Groove Club, Mia Minx, Jay Jay and Kim Esty gave good performances. There was some delay between songs for Mia Minx. She did her new song and then "Open Up Your Heart". The Groove Club Performed "Feel Your Love" and their big hit from last Summer "Upside Down". The only song Jay Jay sang was "Do You Really Love Me?" Kim Esty sung "Summer in The Streets" and 2 of Hearts".

After these groups, a few freestyle groups took center stage. Never Never is a 3 man group and they sung their huge freestyle track "When You Smile". They had some about half a dozen dancers who were all hot. Tia sung Slip N' Slide which got a big ovation from the crowd. Alexia Phillips sung her song "I Never Needed" which is on the Temperance cd and I'm not sure who sung the original version of it. Then Alexia Phillips sung her huge song "You".

After the freestyle groups Carlos Morgan came on. The people from AM 530 (which is a rap/r&b station) that is affiliated with 103.5 hyped up Carlos Morgan a lot. He sung 3 songs, 2 of them I don't know and he ended with "Baby C'mon". Carlos Morgan was wicked and got the crowd going a lot. Indecision sung 3 songs and again 2 of them I did not know and they also sung "Tonight".

The next 4 groups were wicked. Captain GQ got the crowd pumped up by giving some of the ladies rosies. They sung Rockin "Through The Night", "Come on" and "Dance" and they ended with "Here I come". All of these songs brought some much needed Hi-NRG Euro music. Rockell started off by singing "I Fell in Love" and then she ended up with her latest song, "In a Dream". When Belinda first took the stage you could tell she was totally nervous by her voice. She sqng "Flex" and 1 other song which was pretty good. Joee was wicked, he started off with "Feel it in the Air". Then he sung "Almost Suicide". Joee had 5 good looking female dancers on the stage with him. Joee then sung "I Just Died in Your Arms". He ended with "Holding On" which was his worst song that he sung.

K5 was the 6th last group and they sung 3 songs and all of them sucked. They ended with "Passion" which is their biggest song. Wild Orchid was next and they were hot. They ended with their smash hit "Talk To Me". Black Box got the crowd moving a lot. They began with "Everybody Everybody" then went to "Strike it Up" and ended with "Right on time". The Lady from Black Box really got the crowd going, they did samples from No Diggity as well. Black Box was the 4th last group and one of the best.

Le Click was next. They sung 3 songs. The man from Le Click couldn't be there because his mother was sick. First, Le Click song a song i had never heard which was really good. The crowd sat down for her next song which was pretty slow. Then the crowd got right back up when Le Click performed "Call me". After Le Click sung "Call Me" they got the biggest ovation of the night. The crowd was applausing for about 5 minutes. At the end the lady of Le Click told the crowd she could not sing "Tonight is The Night" because the guy was not here. She told the crowd she had a surprise and she did a verse of "Tonight is The Night" in Acapella. Reel 2 Real began with "Are You Ready For Some More", then Went to "Jazz it Up", then went to "I Like to Move it" and ended with "Move Your Body". Reel 2 Real was wicked everyone was up and partying when they were on. Althea McQueen came on the stage with the Mad Stuntman and she did all the female vocals in all of Reel 2 Real's songs. I think Althea McQueen was a part of Reel 2 Real and recently went for a solo career. Reel 2 Real did not sing "Conway" or "Can You Feel it" which was dissapointing. Before Reel 2 Real took the stage Chris Sheppard came on the stage and started doing his typical Shep things. He was saying how Reel 2 Real's new songs is on Destination Dance Floor 2 and how he and Simone Denny from BKS have formed a new group and they should have an album out pretty soon.

The Real Mckoy was the headliner and they were incredible. They sung about 10 to 12 songs. They started with "Runaway" and then went to a song off their new album. They song 3 or 4 songs off their new album which I don't know. They sung "I Wanna Come with You" and "One More Time" which is such an awesome song as well. They sung "Another Night" and I figured it would be their last song and that they wouldn't sing "Automatic Lover". They sung "Automatic Lover" after "Another Night" and Ended with a wicked Remix of "One More Time".

Crewz Control was a no show but I don't think to many people cared. They must of fallen behind schedule because groups like Jay Jay, Reel 2 Real, Tia & Alexia Phillips did not sing all the songs they had. All in all this was a totally awesome concert which could not get much better.

Entire Line-up

The Entire lineup: Kim Esty, Sotto Voce, Jay Jay, Indecision, Captain GQ, Carlos Morgan, M2P, Belinda, After Shock, Rockell, Mia Minx, Alexia Phillips, Tia, Never Never, Elite, Groove Club, Joee, K5, Althea McQueen, Wild Orchid, Black Box, Le Click, Reel 2 Real & THE REAL MCKOY.