[The lamhangs]

    I humbly thank you for visiting the lamhang webpage. Yes my last name is Lam-Hang. Although I am thinking of just having it as one word "Lamhang" because the surname is often mistaken for "Lam" and "Hang"! My first name is Benedict, making me Benedict Lam-Hang, surprisingly enough!

Where does the name come from?
    The name comes from "lam" and "hang". Both are chinese names, although some disagree about the second name being chinese. In the early 1900's my dad's grandfather (i.e. my great grandfather) decided to keep both names and it has remained like this up to now. This makes me a 4th generation "lamhang".

The lamhang family
    Well I am 22 years old and currently residing in Toronto. My sister, Mary-Louise is the younger sister at 17 and she is currently residing in London with the parents. We were both born in London, England to our parents. As you may have guessed already my dad is chinese. He was born in China and the amazing thing, his birth date is unknown. But in those days in China, they did not keep birth records! He then moved to Mauritius when he was still a kid and was raised there until he moved to England to study nursing. My mum has a diverse background too. She was born and raised in Trinidad. Her mum is Trinidadian while the dad was brought up in Hong Kong. Well, she moved to England to study nursing too. Spot a pattern there? (Obviously I wouldn't be writing this homepage would I? ;-)

    Here are some pics as promised...

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