About ME

Here is a little personal profile of myself

Age: 22
DOB: 25th November 1974
Height: 5'9"
Weight: Well let's just say, I'd make a great jockey.
Occupation: [ScotiaBank] Well I have just completed my degree in Computer Engineering at the University of Toronto and have returned to Scotiabank as a programming analyst in the Corporate Banking Systems Development Dept. in luxurious settings of downtown Toronto. This is after having worked, a year before, in the telecommunications department at the technical offices in Scarborough, a position I got with the help from the University of Toronto's PEY program.
Greatest Acheivement: Graduating with a degree in Computer Engineering at University of Toronto. Getting my first real job at Scotiabank in 1995.
Aspirations: To learn as much as I can about computer/internet.
Dreams: To become a DJ or run my own record company.
Goals: To figure out my one true goal?
Most Silliest Moment: Back in 1995, I went to a club in Niagara by bus. Next day at work, a workmate goes up to me and says "Where were you over the weekend?" I told him that I was down in Niagara and he responded that it was me who was down there and I couldn't believe it that he was there and had a ride home too, whereas I had to wait the next morning to get the next bus back up to Toronto.
Most Shocking thing I did: I just showed up at my parent's doorstep in London and shocked the living daylights out of them just in time for Christmas.
Most Embarrassing Moment: (Let you know when I think of one)
Most Worrying Moment: Accused of cheating in a group project in my last semester of university. That was stressful because I HAD to graduate or else...
What makes me happy: To see people that I care about happy. Being able to help if I can. Or just being happy for no reason!
What makes me sad: Being bored or lonely.
Seeing how people change and forget you.
What annoys me: Annoying and pushy people trying to push what they think is right.
Being lied to.
Toronto Taxi Drivers.
What annoys people about me: Bad Manners apparantly.
The fact I am to myself (introvert and shy) a fair bit. I do talk honest! ;O)
Interests: Computers, Music, Soccer, Sleep...
(not neccesiarily in that order)
Computers owned: A 5 year old 386SX PC compatible... It serves its purpose :)
A 6 month old Pentium-133MHz PC... Woowoo a new one!
Favourite Song: Sleeping Satellite - Tasmin Archer (1992)
*That's from recent memory*
Favourite Band: Eternal, Real McCoy, Pet Shop Boys
Favourite Female Artist: Emjay, Jocelyn Enriquez, Louise
Favourite Male Artist: Nobody really... Maybe Seal
Favourite Soccer Team: [Charlton] My old local team, Charlton Athletic
Favourite Food: Green peppers and Beef in Black Bean Sauce, or Chicken and Chips
Favourite Drink: Schweppes Raspberry Ginger Ale
Hours of sleep: Not enough...
Philosophy: (my philosophy)