Benedict Lam Hang

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To secure a long-term computer position, which will broaden my horizons by allowing me to apply, extend and develop on the skills and abilities I possess. To learn as much as possible about today's technology in the computer industry while making the best possible use of my talents and enthusiasm.


Bachelor of Applied Science
Computer Engineering, University of Toronto,
Date of graduation: May 1997

Computer Skills:

Programming Languages:

  • C - Extensive use of C through numerous university courses (2-3 years experience)
  • C++ - Familiarity with C++ through a couple courses
  • Java - Familiarity and extensive use of Java for a course, a thesis and work
  • Visual Basic - Familiarity of Visual Basic through work.
  • JavaScript - Familiarity of JavaScript through work, used in creating an Intranet site.
  • Turing - Fair use of Turing from university courses.
  • UNIX scripting - Written a few simple scripts.
  • HTML Programming - Learnt and self-taught from scratch (without aid of HTML tools) and have extensive experience with HTML scripting for 4 years. Have used HTML tools such as MS Frontpage and Navigator to compliment these skills.
  • PERL and CGI Scripting - Learnt the basics of both.
  • DB2 and SQL querying - Learnt and have written simple SQL queries.

Programming Environments:

Extensive use and experience with
  • Windows 3.11 - Extensive use and experience with Windows 3.11 for 4 years.
  • Windows 95 - Great deal of experience with Windows 95 for 2 years including network connectivity to servers with TCP/IP stacks and NetBEUI.
  • Windows NT 4 - Use of WorkStation, installation and configuration of BackOffice and NT Server, as well maintaining IIS (Internet Information Server).
  • UNIX - Extensive use and experience with (Solaris/Irix) UNIX from university for 5 years
  • AIX - Extensive experience with AIX for 1 year at work.


  • I have been familiar with Word Processing, Database and Spreadsheets for 10 years and can learn about new word processing, database and spreadsheets applications quickly. Such programs include: MS-Office (97) suite, WordPerfect, Lotus Notes and their domino web server.
  • Familiar with graphical applications such as Visio, MS Paintbrush and MGI PhotoSuite, Adobe PaintShop 4 and PhotoShop 4.5. I have used them develop animated gifs and other fancy features of web pages.

Work Experience:

May 1997 - Nov 1997
Programming Analyst
Corporate Bank. Sys. Dev., Scotiabank,
  • Redesigned webpages for the department's Intranet site in HTML and JavaScript with the use of MS FrontPage.
  • Aided in editing pages for the bank's web site, www.scotiabank.ca and in-depth user-acceptance testing of the new web pages before going "live". Constructed an internal test site with Internet Information Server (IIS) on Windows NT Server to handle changes made in pages.
  • Designed and constructed a database repository for storing questionnaires for Year 2000 project in MS Access and Access Basic, which included manual input through a database front end and the ability to allow imports from excel questionnaires.
  • Installing hardware/software such as scanners and hard drives in a PC Server, as well as configuring NT Server 4.0 and BackOffice.
  • Took courses in PERL/CGI/Netscape Server, Windows Networking and TCP/IP.
Dec 1996 - May 1997
Computer Consultant
Voluntary Freelance
  • Consultation on developing some database software for tracking client records for White Shark, a painting organisation. Consulting and installing software.
  • Web Consulting
Dec 1996 - May 1997
Software Developer
BizLinks 97 Project,
Toronto, Ontario.
  • Developing parsing and networking software in Java.
Sep 1995 - Sep 1996
Technical Analyst
Telecommunications Projects and Performance, Scotiabank,
Toronto, Ontario.
  • Designing, configuring and testing hardware and software for the branch platform "Proof of Concept" on a AIX RISC 6000 Server.
  • Testing on APC's Universal Power Supply (UPS) and associated software.
  • Configuring and testing terminal servers. Designed and developed a remote sub-network with terminal servers.
  • Setting up PC's with connectivity to the Bank's internal networks such as Banyan Mail and to the Proof of Concept's network in all environments (e.g. Windows 3.11, Windows 95, Ethernet, Token Ring).
  • Writing a test program in Visual Basic for a receipt printer.
  • Aiding vendors (Synapse and IBM) to develop design tools for implementing hardware such as PIN/MSRs, financial printers and 50 key keyboards.
May 1995 - Sep 1996
Remote Control Designer
University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario.
  • Design a common dual remote control system to operate robots for a robot competition.
July 1994
Care Giver
Newham Mind
London, England.
  • Supervised and took care of clients at a home for old aged and psychiatric people.
  • Managed the finances for each client.
  • Accompanied the clients on walks and day trips.
  • Cleaning, cooking and washing up.
July 1993
Voluntary Office Worker
Memorial Hospital,
Shooters Hill, London, England.
  • Took the initiative of typing letters when the supervisor was off-sick for a couple of days.
  • Photocopied letters, filed discharges and referrals for the speech therapy department.

Relevant Courses (University):

  • Thesis - Developing a game over a client-server network on the web with Java
  • Software Engineering - learned the approaches for developing software and programming in Java
  • Database Management - learned Database Theory of Network/Hierarchical and Relational Database as well as programming with C and DB2 in combination.
  • Basic Economics - learned about Accounting, Micro- and Macro- Economics, Political and Economic Systems.

Additional Courses:

  • Object Orientated Programming in C++ at Seneca College, April 1996.
  • PERL/Netscape Server training at Expert Systems, July 1997.
  • Windows Networking at Scotiabank, September 1997.


  • Computers - Helping friends with any problems on computers and the Internet.
  • Dance Music - Run a dance music web page and e-mailing list over the Internet.
  • Chess - Ran a chess league and team in 1990-91 in school in England.
  • Soccer
  • Exercising


Available on request.