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Here's some reviews courtesy of Adam berger (berger@inforamp.net) and yours truly.
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CD Album Various/20 Fingers "20 Fingers" Adam 7/4/96
CD Album Emjay "In your arms" Ben 21/4/96
CD Album Fun Factory "Fun-Tastic" Adam 7/4/96
CD Album Real McCoy "Another Night" Adam 30/3/96
CD Album Carol Medina "Secret Fantasy" Ben 21/4/96
CD Album Temperance "Virtues of Life" Adam 14/4/96
CD Album Whigfield "Whigfield" Adam 30/3/96
Compliation CD Various "600% Dance" Adam 13/7/96
Compliation CD Various "Club Cutz 7" Ben 21/4/96
Compliation CD Various "Dance Machine 1st Gear (DJ Line 20)" Adam 21/4/96
Compliation CD Various "DJ Line 25" (2CD) Adam 3/10/96
Compliation CD Various "Dance Mix 96 (Can Edition)" Adam 7/4/96
Compliation CD Various "Destination Dancefloor" Ben 21/4/96
Compliation CD Various "Groove Station 2" Adam 14/4/96
Compliation CD Various "Massive Dance Hits" Adam 30/3/96
Compliation CD Various "MC Mario Connection" Adam 4/7/96
CD Single Double Vision "Knockin" Adam 13/7/96
CD Single Me and My "Dub I Dub" Adam 14/4/96
CD Single N-Trance "Stayin' Alive" Adam 14/4/96
CD Single Lina Santiago "Feels so good (show me)" Adam 13/7/96

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  • 20 Fingers - "20 Fingers" This cd is a very unique cd because it has all different types of music. There is House, Techno, Freestyle, and Pop. Some of the better songs are Take Your Time, and Fatboy both by Max a Million, and Sex Machine by Katrina. 20 Fingers is a recording company, most people I know thought that it was a group. There are some strange songs like Choke My Chicken by Ted Tubbacki and Goober, and Bring it on Bac by Bongo Boys. Gillette and Roula are also on this compilation cd. Most of the good songs have made it to number 1 or close to it on energy 108 or 103.5. I give this cd an 8 out of ten because some songs are really good, and there are songs that are really bad. Track Listing 1 Sex Machine - Katrina 2 Round we go - Big sister 3 Cave Man - Bongo Boys 4 Electric Slide - Dance Factor 5 Bring it on Bac - Bongo Boys 6 Choke My Chicken - Ted Tubbacki and Goober 7 100% Woman 8 The Raw - Bongo Boys 9 Short Dick Man - Gillette 10 Holding on to Love - Rochelle 11 Position #9 - Nerada 12 Mr. Personality - Gillette 13 Lick it - Roula 14 Take Your Time - Max a Million 15 Work That Love - JR. Flex 16 Popsicle Love - Cassamdra 17 Fat Boy - Max a Million 18 Putang Ina Mo - 20 Fingers 19 Little Melody - Bongo Boys

  • Emjay - "In your arms" This was released in September 95, but the CD and Emjay really took off when "Flying to the moon" went top 5 in Toronto and Canada. A lot of NRG tracks on this. But I have to say that the hits she's had so far are my favourites on the CD. "Sound of my heartbeat", "Fascinated", "Flying to the moon" and the current single "In your arms"... Rating: 7/10 Track Listing: 1 Sound of my heartbeat 2 In your arms 3 Flying to the moon 4 Bring me 5 Summertime 6 So far away 7 Be my man 8 Fascinated 9 You say love 10 Every night 11 Falling in love 12 Sing it 13 Point of no return 14 Fascinated (underground mix)

  • Fun Factory - "Fun Tastic" This cd has 13 songs including Take Your Chance, Celebration, and I wanna be with you. These three songs are the only one's that have been released from what I know of. My favorite song on here is All For You (close to you), it has not been released yet. There is a re-mix of the 60's song Doh Wah Diddy which is not good. I also like the first song on the cd which is called Dreaming. Overall I give this cd a 8 out of ten because I like 8 of the songs, and there are 5 that I don't like. Track Listing 1 Dreaming 2 Celebration 3 Doh Wah Diddy 4 Oh Yeah Yeah (I like it) 5 I Love You 6 Don't Fight 7 I Wanna B With U 8 Together Forever 9 Don't Go Away 10 All For You(Close to you) 11 Be Good To me 12 Back in the Days 13 Take Your Chance (Take the original mix)

  • Real McCoy - "Another Night" This is a good c.d. Their are many good songs like Another Night, Come and Get Your Love, and Run Away. My personal Favorite is Automatic Lover. There is a version of the song Ooh Boy which I know D.J. Ray sung a version of this song. Their is 11 songs and their is a house mix of Another Night. Overall I think it deserves an 8 out of 10. Track Listing: 1 Another night 2 Come & get your love 3 If you should ever be lonely 4 Run away 5 Sleeping with an angel 6 Ooh boy 7 Love and devotion 8 Automatic lover 9 Operator 10 I want you 11 Another night House mix

  • Carol Medina - "Secret Fantasy" This was released in the middle of 95. But this CD covers all her hits up to 93!!! When "Sooner or Later" was a hit. This CD is bursting with hits. (Reason why I bought it!) Lots of nrg in this with a couple slow ones as well. Favourites are "And the song goes" and "Tell me you love me" Rating: 8/10 Track Listing: 1 Secret Fantasy 2 Tell me you love me 3 And the song goes... (Doo Dit) 4 I had a dream 5 Wait 'til my heart finds out 6 Love me just srong enough 7 You never done it like that 8 Sooner or later Medley 9 Story story 10 Love is on the way 11 You don't know (where my lips have been) 12 I had a dream (LA Cool Mix) 13 Tell me you love me (Riprock n Dash mix) 14 Secret Fantasy (original NRG mix)

  • Temperance - "Virtues of Life" This is a wicked cd. It has 3 big songs, they are Take You Away, Never let you go, and Music is my Life. There are many good songs that haven't been released like Never say Goodbye, Lost in Love, and I Never Needed. Also the song Forever Young has been released. There is a different version on the radio than there is on this cd. There is a jj's remix of Never let you go, and a short interlude of the song Never say goodbye. There are 18 songs, some are about 30-45 seconds, like Come mek wi dance (which is ragai) and Spelling Bee, in which the letters Temperance are spelled out by a bee sound, which has a great beat. There are exactyl 10 songs which I think are really good on this. I give this a perfect 10. Track Listing: 1 Virutes of Life 2 Craving you love 3 Never let you go 4 Too young for promises 5 You Make me happy 6 Spelling Bee 7 Everything 8 Let me take you away 9 Lost in Love 10 Come mek wi dance 11 Never say goodbye 12 I never needed 13 Never say goodbye (interlude) 14 Forever Young 15 Music is my life 16 Feed the world 17 Do they know it's christmas? 18 Never let you go (jj's remix)

  • Whigfield - "Whigfield" This c.d. has three number one singles. They are Think of You, Another Day, Saturday Night. There are 13 songs. Another good song is Big Time. Their is a bubblegum remix of Another Day, and a Dancing Divaz Club Mix of Think of You. The 13th song is a Whigfield Megamix. It is about 18 minutes long. It has mixes of Think of You, Saturday Night, and Another Day. The song Sexy Eyes is pretty good. I give this C.D. a perfect ten out of ten. Track Listing: 1 Think of You 2 Another Day 3 Don't Walk Away 4 Big Time 5 Out of Sight 6 Close To You 7 Sexy Eyes 8 Ain't It Blue 9 I Want To Love 10 Saturday night 11 Another Day (Bubblegum Mix) 12 Think of You (Dancing Divaz Club Mix) 13 Whigfield Megamix

    Compliation CDs

  • 600% Dance This is a good cd, it has artists including Masterboy, fun factory, corona, and berri. The mixes in this cd are ok. Some of the songs on here when this cd came out were old like I beleive by Happy Clappers, and Deeper Shade of Love by Camille. There is some spanish music like Magic Carpet Ride by the Mighty Dub Kats, and El Tiburon by Proyecto Uno. DFS's new single Me Laylo is on here. I would give this cd a 7.5 out of ten because it has some older songs that were over played, and people are sick of them. Track Listing 1 Intro....Celebratio - Fun Factory 2 Land of Dreaming - Masterboy 3 Take Me Higher - Diana Ross 4 Deeper Shade of Love - Camille 5 Fish - Housemaid (feat Kim) 6 The Lover That You Are - Pulse (DJ's Rule Remedy Mix) 7 I Beleive - Happy Clappers 8 Dreamer - Livin' Joy (rollio's big mix) 9 Magic carpet ride- The mighty dub kats 10 El Tiburon - Proyecto Uno 11 Energy - Devone 12 Me Laylo - D.F.S. 13 I don't wanna be a star - Corona 14 Common People - Pulp (Motiv 8 radio edit) 15 Shine Like a Start - Berri (Two cowboys original edit) 16 Say you think of me - Natascha Wright

  • Club Cutz 7 This CD has got some really great tracks. A very nice combination of harder house beats with nrg on this one. There's the #1 from First Base as well as Sin's "Shut up". Throw in a couple cover versions from Senor X (very hard hitting track) and Pearl (who had did a version of "Neverending story") and you still haven't even come across my favs on this one! A couple of my faves were actually hits last year respectively in the UK and the US. De'lacy was top 10 in the UK late last year (dunno why it's taken this long to hit over here) while Tatjana was big on the US dancefloor with that track getting some votes on the end of year chart, #33 on the internet top 50. But the best track of all goes to Linda Rocco. The last two tracks though we're kind of disappointing though. Rating: 9/10 Track Listing: 1 Love is paradise - FIRST BASE 2 Fly with me - LINDA ROCCO 3 Tainted Love - SENOR X 4 Shut up (and sleep with me) - SIN w/ SEBASTIAN 5 Summer Holiday - PEARL 6 Let me in your heart - LISA NILSSON 7 Love is all we need - SAFE 8 Gimme love gimme all - CLUBLAND feat ZEMYA HAMILTON 9 Santa Maria - TATJANA 10 Hideaway - DE'LACY 11 Dedicated to you - SADIE 12 Feel my riddim' - SKIBBY feat KING LOVER

  • Dance Machine - First Gear (D.J. Line 20) This c.d. is wicked. The songs on this c.d. are Ou Eee Ou - D.F.S., Boom Boom Boom, Oye Coma Va, Try Me Out, Give a Little Love, Show Me love Tonight, and bad version of Scatman sung by Paul Scat. Their is Flying to the Moon, Memories, Me and you, Miracles, Private Fantasy, Live on Love - Nadia, Alice, Who the Fuck is Alice? There is a party and I wanna be with you which is a Recon-Struck version Feat Lia. My favorite song is Miracles. Some of the other top songs are Memoris, Flying to the Moon, Try me out, and Ou Eee Ou. This c.d. has some cool mixes. The first song is the intro which has Miracles, Boom Boom Boom, and Ou Eee Ou mixed toghether. This is my favorite c.d. I give it an eleven out of ten because every song is good, and some of the mixes especially the different songs Oye Come Va is mixed with are really wicked. NOTE: DJ Line 20 does not include the Dance Machine Intro feat Lady Shelley And the track listing is different. Track Listing: 1 Dance machine intro feat lady shelly 2 Ou ee ou - dfs 3 Boom boom boom- outhere brothers 4 Oye come va -Tito puente jr. and the latin rhythm 5 try me out - corona 6 give a little love - Capital sound 7 Show me love tonight - solina 8 Scatman - Paul scat 9 Flying to the moon - Emjay 10 Memories - Netzwerk 11 Me an you - Alexia 12 Miracles - Cartouche (my favorite song of 1995) 13 Private Fantasy- Lia 14 Live on love -Nadia 15 Alive, who the fuck is alice? _ The steppers 16 There is a party - D.J. Bobo 17 I Wanna Be With You - Recon-Struck feat Lia.

  • DJ Line 25 I'll tell you what i think is good, & bad: Roxxy's song is pretty good, maria lisa's isn't that good, lady shelly's sucks (its a reggae version of old mcdonald had a farm e.i.e.i.o.) e-sensual is decent, illegal is wicked, same with julia, and zhi-vago, the outhere bro's is ok, justine earp did a dance version of of fugeela, emjay you've heard, reactor project is wicked it starts out like the song love is paradise, jx is good. Is the song there nothing i won't do by jx any new or old? When did it come out. CD1 Track Listing: tine renee/ do you wanna play roxxy/ live my life quadran/ free your mind e.i.e.i.o./ lady shelly release me(remix)/ angelina maria-lisa/ dreaming of you jaade/ burning through the night e-sensual/ check me out samira/ the rain illegal/ moments in love julia/ all i want alpha base/ heaven help my heart zhi-vago/ dreamer CD2 Track Listing: lisa marie exp/ keep on jumpin the outhere bro's/ ole ole rhythm 544/ where di your love go justine earp/ ooo-la-la-la backroom boys feat takiya dixon/ all of me emjay/ point of no return reactor project/ give me attitude jx/ there's nothing i wont do heavy weather/ love can't turn around nicole/ runnin away lady gee/ the game is over

  • Dance Mix 96 - Canadian Limited Edition This cd has many new songs, and there are songs from last spring. There is some minor mixing, but nothing special. Some of the newer songs are Feel it in th Air by Intonation feat Joee, First Time by Pleasure Beat feat J.Cock, and I don't Wanna be a Star by Corona. Some of the older songs include Gangsta's Paradise by Coolio feat LV, and Feel The Vibe by Afrika Bambaataa. There is a bad version of the song Missing which is sung by 7 sign and Julia Simon. Overall I would give this cd an 8.5 out of 10 because I have 6 of the songs on other cd's. Other wise I would most likely give it a 9 or 9.5. Track Listing: 1 Gansta's Paradise - Coolio feat LV 2 Everybody be Somebody - Ruffneck 3 Sex on the Streets = Pizzaman 4 Feel the vibe - Afrika Bambaataa 5 Ou Eee Ou - D.F.S. 6 Flying to the Moon - Emjay 7 Feel it in The Air - Intonatnio feat Joee 8 First Time - Pleasure Beat feat J.Cock 9 In the Summertime - Shaggy 10 I Wish - Skee Lo 11 The Bomb (These sound fall into my mind) - The Bucketheads 12 Bump Bump (Booty Shake) - 740 Boyz 13 I Don't Want to be a Star - Corona 14 Sunshine After the Rain (Two Cowboys Mix) - New Atlantic 15 Memories - Netzwerk 16 Missing - 7 Signs & Julia Simon

  • Chris Sheppard's Destination Dancefloor What can you say about the Shep? Brother and sisters, this definitely has more what you looking for!!! All these songs are what are generally played on Shep's live-to-air Radio Shows. The first four tracks are definite dance anthems. But each track on this CD is great, enough said really... I love Hyperlogic's sample of U2's "New Years Day" and though old, Purple King's use of Dire Straits' "Money for nothing" BTW If you are looking to hear Shep's unmistakable vocals, you might be a wee tad disappointed ;) Rating: 10/10 Track Listing: 1 Stayin' Alive - N-TRANCE 2 Higher State of Consciousness - JOSH WINK 3 Everybody be somebody - RUFFNECK 4 Set u free - PLANET SOUL 5 Oye como va - TITO PUENTE JR & LATIN RHYTHM 6 High as a kite - ONE TRIBE feat ROGER 7 Don't laugh - WINX 8 In my dreams - DARKNESS 9 Find another way - CAPTAIN HOLLYWOOD 10 I'm alive - CUT 'N' MOVE 11 Only me - HYPERLOGIC 12 For the very first time - PLEASUREBEAT feat J-COCK 13 Love is just a heartbeat away - GLORIA GAYNOR 14 That's the way you do it - THE PURPLE KINGS

  • Groove Station 2 This cd has a lot of really big hits like Pick it up by Herbie and Scatman by Scatman John (U.S. remix). All of the songs are good. There is a mix of all types of music including dance (Real Mckoy), r&b (TLC), and rap (Herbie). There is a U.S. remix of By Me Lover by La Bouche. There are remix's of One More Chance by the Notorious B.I.G. and No more I love you's by Annie Lennox. There is an Extended Radio Mix of We've got it goin on by the Back Street Boys. Also there is a really fast version of the song Macarena. There are some really wicked mixes in all the songs. The first song is Pick it up and it is mixed with Be my Lover and Scatman John. My two favorite songs from this are Pick it up and Can you feel it. I give this cd a 9 out of 10 because some songs are old on it. Track Listing: 1 Pick it up - Herbie 2 Run Away - The Real McCoy 3 Be My Lover - La Bouche 4 Macarena - Los Del Rio 5 Creep - TLC 6 One More Chance - Notorious B.I.G. 7 We've got it goin' on - Back Street Boys 8 Fat Boy - Max a Million 9 Mr. Personality - Gillette 10 Scatman - Scatman John 11 No More I love yous - Annie Lenox 12 Cotton Eye Joe - Rednex 13 Swamp Thing - The Grid 14 Can you feel it - Matrix

  • Massive Dance Hits This cd has 17 songs. My favorite song on this is Missing by Everything but the Girl. Some of my other favorite songs include Feel The Good Times (Eric Kupper 7 inch mix) by Charlene Smith, and I believe by the Happy Clappers. There are three songs on this cd which have been a re-mix. They are Missing (Todd Terry Club mix) Feel The Good Times, and Anything For You (cast remix) by snow. Out of ten I would give this cd an 8 because some of the songs are pretty old, and some are really bad. There is an error written on my copy of the cd. On the back of it it says that Technotronic sings Reach up (Papa's Got a Brand New Pig Bag), and it says Perfecto Allstarz sings Move it to the Rhythm. It is the other way around. Track Listing: 1 Do You Wanna Get Funky - C&C Music Factory 2 Baby - Brandy 3 Your Loving Arms - Billie Ray Martin 4 Dreamer - Livin' Joy 5 Missing (Todd Terry Club Mix) - Everything but the girl 6 I believe - Happy Clappers 7 Never Ending Story - Pearl 8 Love For Love - Robin S 9 Oye Como Va - Tito Puente Jr. & the Latin Rhythm 10 Reach up (Papa's Got a Brand New Pig Bad) - Perfecto Allstarz 11 Move it to the Rhythm - Technotronic 12 I've Got the Music in me - Cleo and Marcus 13 Everytime You Touch Me - Moby 14 Find Another Way - Captain Hollywood 15 You don't Love me (no, no, no) - Dawn Penn 16 Anything For You (Cast Remix) - snow 17 Feel The Good Times (Eric Kupper 7 inch mix) - Charlene Smith

  • MC Mario Connection MC Mario added another great CD to his great series of cd's. Some artists include Alexia, Masterboy, Darkness, and DJ company. The mixing on here is superb. The songs Higher state of consciousness, and twinker are mixed together, and they sound almost exactly the same. The intro is great for this cd, it has mixes with Higher state of consciousness, and other songs. Get Away by Shauna Davis, and Cloesr To Me by Libra are mixed together, and it sounds great. Also the new version of Yakety Yak by Mundo Disco is on here. I give this cd an 8.5 out of ten because some songs are pretty old when this was released like Machine Gun. Also the mixes are good, and the songs are good. Track Listing 1 Mastermind Conexion Intro 2 Machine Gun - Party Nation 3 I Don't wanna be a star - Corona (Euro beat mix) 4 Wrap Me Up - Alex Party 5 BG tips "You should be dancing" - E-Sensual (Premier club rap mix) 6 Jump Up - Boody headz (original mix) 7 El Tiburon - Los Locos 8 Get-Away - Shauna Davis 9 Closer to me - Libra 10 The Rhythym of love - DJ company 11 In My dreams - Darkness 13 Anybody - Masterboy 14 Higher State of Consciousness - Wink (Joles & skins epic mix 15 Twinker - Shrill 16 Booyah here we go - Sweetbox (Geo's mix) 17 If You wanna party - molella feat. The outhere brothers (Aladino mix) 18 Yakety Tak - Mundo diso - (U.D.S. boyz mix)

  • Warehouse Grooves volume 3 This is a two cd set which has songs like Which Doktor, Set U Free, Everybody be Somebody, and The bomb (these sounds move into my mind. The shortest song is about four and a half minutes. Most songs are around eight or nine minutes long. One of my favorite songs is Big Time (Carlitos Dream). Their is 22 songs, 11 on each c.d. It cost only 20 dollars, which is good for a two c.d. set. Out of ten I would give this a seven. Track Listing: Disk one 1 U Sure Do (Guest List Mix) - Strike 2 Dreamer (Original Club Mix) - Livin' Joy 3 The Bomb! 9These sound fall into my mind - The bucketheads 4 New Jersey Deep - Black Science Orchestra 5 Didn't I know (Divas To The Dance Floor) - E.G. Fullalove 6 Don't Laugh (josh WInk Edit) - Winx 7 In & Out of My Life 9S-Man Supreme Mix) - Adeva 8 Witch Doktor - Armand Van Helden 9 Make My Love (Stone's Main Mix)- Shawn Christopher 10 I Believe (Our Tribe Remix) - 3rd Nation 11 Keep in Touch - Shades of Love Disk Two 1 Everybody Be Somebody - Ruffneck Feat Yavahn 2 Set You Free - Planet Soul 3 Higher State of Conscienceness (Tweekin Acid Funk Mix - Wink 4 Big Time (Carlito's Dream) - That Kid Chris 5 Come With Me - Latino Brothers 6 I'm Standing - X-Static 7 Color of My Skin (Remix Dub#4) Swing 52 Arnold Jarvis 8 Satisfied - H2O Feat Billie 9 Bottom Heavy - Danny Tenaglia 10 The Storm - Salt City Orchestra 11 Dangerous (Juniuor Vasquez Mix) - Mercedes

    CD Singles

  • Double Vision - Knockin' (the single) There are 8 different versions of this top European single. Th Radio version is my favorite but I also like the DJ X-Play, and Extended club mix versions of the song. Every version is quite different from the other versions. I really like this song a lot so I give this a 9 out of ten because there are 6 great versions, including a VocalFree Dub mix of it. Track listing 1 Radio Version 2 DJ X-Play 3 Baseline Mix 4 Extended Club mix 5 Subsonic 808 Mix 6 Vocal Free Dub Mix

  • Me and My - Dub I Dub (the single) Their are four versions of the songs Dub I Dub on this C.D. They are the radio mix, the mg radio mix, the club remix, and the underground mix. My favorite versions of this song is th club remix and the radio mix. If you like underground music you will really like the underground version of Dub I Dub. I give this single a ten out of ten because each version is unique, and this is my favorite song.

  • N-Trance - Stayin' Alive (the single) This cd is a good single. It has three songs on it which are Staying Alive (radio version), I Will Take You There, and Staying Alive (Long version). It is a good cd for a single. The two versions of Staying Alive are similar but they have some differences. The radio version starts off with gun shot, and the long versio doesn't. The song I Will Take You There is a pretty cool song. Overall I think that this cd deserves a eight out of ten.

  • Lina Santiago - Feels so good (show me) This single only has two versions of the song Feels so good (show me love) which is a great song. The two versions have a lot of similarities. The two versions are the Juanito's Way, and the Power Workout. I prefer the Juanito's Way, it is the one that is played on the radio, and on tv. I give this cd a 7 out of ten because there are only two versions, and this is a great song. Track listing 1 Juanito's Way 2 Power Workout

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