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Here's some reviews courtesy of Adam berger (berger@inforamp.net) and yours truly.
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CD Album Alexia "Fan Club" Adam 20/10/97
CD Album Mary J Blige "Share my world" Ben 20/5/97
CD Album Brooklyn Bounce "The Beginning" Adam 1/9/97
CD Album Daft Punk "Homework" Ben 10/7/97
CD Album Faithless "Insomnia" Ben 13/5/97
CD Album Jocelyn Enriquez "Jocelyn" Adam 5/8/97
CD Album Livin' Joy "Don't stop movin'" Ben 13/5/97
CD Album Olive "Extra Virgin" Ben 20/10/97
CD Album Pet Shop Boys "Bilingual" Ben 22/2/97
CD Album Prodigy "Fat of the land" Adam 5/8/97
Compliation CD Various "Club Cutz 8" Adam 22/3/97
Compliation CD Various "Club Life 97" Adam 1/9/97
Compliation CD Various "Dance Hits Allstarz 97" Adam 20/10/97
Compliation CD Various "Dance Hits Super Mix 2" Adam 5/8/97
Compliation CD Various "Dance Machine 4 (DJ Line 27)" Adam 5/8/97
Compliation CD Various "Danceteria" Adam 10/7/97
Compliation CD Various "Dome Mix 97" Adam 22/3/97
Compliation CD Various "DJ Club Mix 11" Adam 22/3/97
Compliation CD Various "DJ United Klub Anthems" Adam 22/3/97
CD Single Jocelyn Enriquez "A little bit of Ecstasy" Ben 25/4/97
CD Single Le Click "Call me" Ben 1/9/97
CD Single Marina "Do ya wanna dance?" Ben 10/7/97
CD Single Alexia Phillips "You" Adam 19/8/97
CD Single Rockell "In a dream" Adam 5/8/97
CD Single "Real McCoy" One more time (remixes) Ben 25/4/97

CDs by Artists

  • Alexia - "Fan Club"
  • This cd has a lot of wicked songs on it. It has the wicked songs Me and You, The Summer is Crazy, Number One and Uh La La La. Also Virtual Reality, Looking for My Baby and Beat of the Night are really awesome songs. The cd is predominately euro/hi nrg music but the song Hold On is a slow song and it is not very good. There is a spanish version along with the normal version of number one which are both good. All in all it is one of the better euro cd's by an artist this year. Rating: 9/10 Track Listing: 1. Uh La La La 2. Number One 3. Virtual Reality 4. Because I Miss You 5. Summer Is Crazy 6. Another Way 7. Me and You 8. Hold On 9. Looking For My Baby 10. Beat of The Night 11. Number One (Spanish Version) 12. Make You Happy Adam

  • Mary J Blige - "Share my world"
  • One of premiere r&b artists around. Mary J has an excellent soulful voice and it's all showing on this cd. She just happened to be in town last week, so i got the cd autographed for my sister. It has the hits "not gon' cry" and "you make me feel like a natural woman" as well as the current single "Love is all we need". A couple of other tracks of note... The duet with r kelly, "it's on" is great too, very very r kelly though but their voices complement well. Also "I can love you" and "share my world" are pretty catchy. So I'd expect at least 2 or 3 of these being released as singles in their own right! Rating: 9/10 Track Listing: 1. intro 1.21 2. i can love you 4.54 3. love is all we need 4.16 4. round and round 4.27 5. share my world (interlude) 0.32 6. share my world 4.49 7. seven days 4.59 8. it's on (feat. r kelly) 4.49 9. thank you lord (interlude) 0.45 10. missing you 4.19 11. everything 4.45 12. keep your head 3.51 13. can't get you off my mind 4.45 14. get to know you better 4.34 15. searching 4.52 16. our love 4.56 17. not gon' cry 4.54 18. you make me feel like a natural... 2.45 Ben

  • Brooklyn Bounce - "The Beginning"
  • This cd has house, progressive, underground and techno songs. A lot of the songs use samples of the song Get Ready 2 Bounce. Get Ready to Bounce is the best song on this cd and there are 2 versions of it. The Funk Attack version of Get Ready to Bounce is not very good. There is a remix of the song Relax by Frankie Goes to Hollywood which is pathetic. Take a Ride and The Theme are btoh pretty good songs. Rating: 5/10 Track Listing: 1. The Beginning 2. The Teme (Of Progressive Attack) 3. Feel My Energy 4. Chill 5. Get Your Ass on The DanceFloor 6. Take a Ride 7. Get Ready To Bounce 8. Wicked Daft 9. Relax 10. The Night 11. Pump it Up 12. Dub-O-Lution 13. The Theme(Of Progressive Attack) 14. Get Ready To Bounce (Funk Attack) Adam

  • Daft Punk - "Homework"
  • This CD boasts 2 singles already in "Da funk" and the international hit "Around the world" A pretty good CD, with a lot of variety and influences. It is mostly a house style CD. But for some reason I can relate to some of the tracks, "Revolution 909" sounds like a pet shop boys remix off Disco2. and "Phoenix" sounds a bit like Kim Syms' "Too blind to see it" Be warned some of the tracks are quite literally hurting. I got a headache I first time I heard "Burnin'" and "Rock n Roll" is Wink-esque in that department too ;) None the less a very good CD. Most interesting track is teachers which appears to pay homage to the likes george clinton, van heldon, lil louis, etc.. They are "in the house" Rating: 8.5/10 Track Listing: 1. Daftendirekt 2. Wdpk 83.7fm 3. Revolution 909 4. Da Funk 5. Phoenix 6. Fresh 7. Around the world 8. Rollin' & scratchin' 9. Teachers 10. high Fiedlity 11. Rock n Roll 12. Oh yeah 13. Burnin' 14. Indo Silver Club 15. Alive 16. Funk Ad <--- Da Funk backwards;) Ben

  • Faithless - "Insomnia"
  • Just listened to it twice so far... and aside from the hits "insomnia" and "salva mea" the cd doesn't do a lot for me... "If you lovin' you is wrong" is quite witty though makes me cringe cos there's no melody to it whatsoever. Rating: 4/10 Track Listing: 1. reverence 2. don't leave 3. salva mea 4. if lovin' you is wrong 5. angeline 6. insomnia 7. dirty ol' man 8. flowerstand man 9. baseball cap 10. drifting away 11. insomnia Ben

  • Jocelyn Enriquez - "Jocelyn"
  • This cd was a bit of a dissapointment to me when I first got it because there weren't any songs that were as good as Do You Miss Me & A Little Bit of Ecstacy. There are 2 versions of those 2 songs which are both good. There are 3 slow songs on this cd. The song Save Me From Being Alone is the only good slow songs out of these. I'm I'm Falling in Love part 1 and part 2 are both really good songs. Lovely People is another good song of this cd. There are no songs which are as fast paced as her first two singles off this album. Rating: 7.5/10 Track Listing 1. Lovely People 2. A Little Bit of Ecstasy 3. Do You Miss Me? 4. Even If 5. Only You 6. Can You Feel it (Rock It Don't Stop It) 7. Stay With Me 8. Get Into The Rhythm 9. Everything I Need 10. Save Me From Being Alone 11. If I'm Falling In Love Part 1 12. If I'm Falling In Love Part 2 13. Kailanman 14. Do You Miss Me (Running Mix) 15. A Little Bit of Ecstasy (Freefloor Mix) Adam

  • Living Joy - "Don't stop movin'"
  • Not a bad cd. I'd thought it be all euro-dance cd going on the strength of the first 3 hits to come of the cd, "dreamer", "don't stop movin" and "follow the rules" but i was pleasantly surprised! There are a couple of more soulful tracks in "deep in you" and "let me love you" in there. "dreamer" has been revamped for the cd, the vocals supplied by Tameka Star are a bit more powerful, although there appears to be something taken of the tune itself. "follow the rules" and "whenever you're lonely" both remind me of the remix of Isha D's "stay" from a couple years ago. And the last few tracks remind of me rhythm formula (vol 4). The surprise on the track and there is actually a 12th track on the cd. I dunno if it's just mine but there was the original of "dreamer" on it! Rating: 8.5/10 Track listing: 1. don't stop movin' 5.16 2. follow the rules 3.51 3. deep in you 4.27 4. dreamer 5.44 5. pick up the phone 4.34 6. be original 4.34 7. where can i find love 3.54 8. don't cha' wanna 4.19 9. whenever you're lonely 4.20 10. let me love you 4.14 11. don't stop movin' (manetta mix) 5.46 HIDDEN: dreamer '95 3.42 Ben

  • Olive - "Extra Virgin"
  • Olive comprise of Ruth-Ann (vocals), Tim (ex-Simply Red?) and Robin and out of the UK where they struck #1 with "You're not alone" in May '97. What's the English "sound"? This probably epitimizes this quaint quality! Well that and the prodigy. Anyhow the CD is mix of trip-hop (you must remember Portishead), dreamy trance and a wee bit of breakbeat/jungle thrown in for good measure as in the "curious" track. Stand out track not surprisingly is "You're not alone" since it's starting to get airplay in Canada. "Miracle" (which is currently top 3 on the UK club chart) is a dreamy song. The remixes sound be interesting, once they come around our way! "You are nothing" is pretty catchy the first time. Aside from that, it's really the usual trip-hop stuff which I can bare with. Oh yeah there's a lot of flugelhorn on this cd, if anyone is interested Rating: 8/10 Track Listing: 1. Miracle 2. This Time 3. Safer Hands 4. Killing 5. You're not alone 6. Falling 7. Outlaw 8. Blood Red Tears 9. Curious 10.You are nothing 11.Muted 12.I don't think so HIDDEN TRACK: You're not alone (acoustic) Ben

  • Pet Shop Boys - "Bilingual"
  • Latest offering the British Duo celebrates the English vs European Community. A bit bland compared to earlier albums. The only songs that stand out "Before", "Red Letter Day", "Single Bilingual" Rating: 7/10 Ben

  • Prodigy - "Fat of the land"
  • This is a wicked cd and I can see why it is the number one album in the world right now. The best songs are Firestarter and Breathe. Most of the songs on this cd are pretty good. Every song is typical of the Prodigy's style of music. Other than Firestarter and Breathe no songs really stand out when you listen to it. There are no tracks that suck Rating: 9/10 Track Listing: 1. Smack My Bitch Up 2. Breathe 3. Diesel Power 4. Funky Shit 5. Serial Thrilla 6. Mindfields 7. Narayan 8. Firestarter 9. Climbatize 10. Fuel My Fire Adam

    Compliation CDs

  • Club Cutz 8
  • This cd has some totally awesome songs like I fell in love by Rockell and some really bad songs. The remix of People Hold on by Lisa Stansfield is wicked and ituses samples form the Remix of Proffesional Widow by Tori Amos which was remixed by Armand Van Heldon. Le Click finally came out with a second single which is a good follow up to Tonight is the night. As well First Base's song is pretty good but it does not even compare to their mega hit song Love is Paradise. One of my favorite songs is Rhythm in my life by Prinz Amaho, it is up beat and pretty catchy. I give this cd a 7.5 out of 10 because 8 of the songs are not that good but the other 6 songs a really good. Rating: 7.5/10 Track Listing: (bpm) 1 I Fell in Love (Extended Mix) - Rockell 135 2 Fallng in Love (Extended 12" mix) - La Bouche 134 3 People Hold on (Jon is the Don mix) - Lisa Stansfield 130 4 And the Beat Goes on (radio edit) - Lorenza 117 5 Touch me There (Album Version) - Total Touch 124 6 Hot & Wet (Believe it) (Slip before the news mix) - Tzant 132 7 Come Give me Your Love - Richie Stevens & General Degree 8 Call me (Radio Edit) - Le Click 136 9 You Can do Magic(extended mix) - Painted Love 136 10 Le go(B-flat extended mix) - Cymurai feat Theo Austin 11 Get up (& join the party)(Beach peaches mix) - Tribehouse 132 12 No one can love you more than me(stone's radio edit) - Hannah Jones 129 13 Can you keep a secret?(Extended Hypnotic mix) - First Base 144 14 Rhythm in my Life(x-tended mix) - Prinz Amaho 149 Adam

  • Club Life 97 (Non Stop Mix by Dj's Rule)
  • This cd does not look very good if you look at the songs but it is a lot better when you listen to it. The mixing is really good on it. The best songs are by Red 5 and Temperance. Alexia and the Porn Kings have good songs that are a bit old and the version of Up To No Good is not as good as the original. There are new songs by DJ's Rule, Oval Emotion, Cleo Patra, DreamLand and J-Cock which are all pretty good. The song Rockin' Feelin' is a cheezy rip off of the songs Get Up by Byron Stingly. Rating: 7.5/10 Track Listing: 1 Da Beat Goes (German 12" Club Mix) - Red 5 2 Who Wants to Be Your Lover (Eric Kupper Mix) - Jimmy James 3 Universal Dream (Telluric Club Mix) - Temperance 4 Give Me What You Got (Stone Bridge Mix) - Federal Hill 5 Get Into The Music ('97 Anthem Remix) - Dj's Rule feat Karen Brown 6 Do It To It (Essential Jam Mix) - Michelle 7 Do You Have Another One (Nix Luv Space Mix) - Oval Emotion 8 Thank you (Synergy Club Mix) - Cleo Patra 9 Set U Free (Swiss Club Mix) - Dreamland 10 Come Together (Sinful Club Mix) - J-Cock 11 Rockin' Feelin' (Come on "Get Up" Everybody) - Cuttin' Cream 12 Discobug '97 (Da Klubb Kings Mix) - FreakyMan 13 Dream of Love (Cathedral Club Mix) - Zelia 14 Whatever Love (21st Century Mix) - Ken Laszlo 15 Number One (Euro Galaxy Mix) - Alexia 16 Up To No Good (DJ Quicksilver Remix) - Porn Kings Adam

  • Dance Hits Allstarz 97
  • This cd has a lot of wicked songs, both old (Rhythm of Love & Don't Stop Moving) and new (Get Ready To Bounce & Angel). This cd features and exclusive remix of Da Dip which is wicked. Brooklyn Bounce. Porn Kings & PJ bring a little bit of house tip to this cd. All in all I like almost every song on this cd besides a 3 or 4 of them. There are not to many songs that are "really" new on this cd but many of the songs are wicked. Rating: 8/10 Track Listing: 1 Virtual Insanity - Jamiroquai 2 A Little Bit of Ecstasy - Jocelyn Enriquez 3 Gimme Some Love - Gina G 4 Get Ready to Bounce - Brooklyn Bounce 5 Slip and Slide - Tia 6 Rhythm of Love - DJ Company 7 Don't Stop Moving - Livin Joy 8 Angel - Jooe 9 It Must Be Love - Robin S 10 Tonight (The Boomtang Boys Remix) - Indecision 11 Down Down Down - McAuley Boys 12 D.I.S.C.O. - N-Trance 13 Move Ya Feet - PJ 14 Catch - Sunscreem 15 Amour - Porn Kings 16 Crave - Alegra 17 Breakaway (Junior's Vocal Mix) - France Joli 18 Just to See You Again - Tru G'z 19 Take it to THe Top - Arielle 20 Da Dip (Exclusive Remix) - Freak Nasty Adam

  • Dance Hits Super Mix 2
  • This is a very good cd which has a good mix of songs from r&b to Hi-NRG to Euro. There are some songs that are older like Crying in The Rain by Culture Beat and Feels So Good By Lina Santiago. There are huge hits from Da Dip, MC Lyte, Alexia and the Prodigy. There is quite a few of Canadian artists which include Solina, Joee, Intonation & Kairene. All in all an excellent cd which has many good songs new and old. Rating: 9/10 Track Listing: 1 Da' Dip - Freak Nasty 2 Cold Rock A Party - MC Lyte 3 I'm Gonna Luv U - Summer Junkeis 4 Crying in The Rain - Culture Beat 5 Holdin' On - Joee 6 Feels So Good - Lina Santiago 7 Let Me Be Free - Samantha Fox 8 Number One - Alexia 9 Stuck On You - Michelle Sweeney 10 Firestarter - Prodigy 11 Blue Skies - BT Feat Tori Amos 12 I Don't Need Your Love - Angelina 13 Come Back To My Heart - Solina 14 Get To The Heart of it - Intonation 15 Show Me Love (Lisa Marie 97 remix) - Robin S 16 I Stand Up - Kairene 17 Love II Love - Damage 18 Tonight (Video Mix) - Indecision Adam

  • Dance Machine 4th Gear (DJ Line 27)
  • This is the worst cd in the DJ Line series that has been out in a long time. The intro and the mixing is not very good. The songs by Angelina and DJ Bobo are not very good at all. There are wicked tracks by Alexia, Roxxy and Capitol Sound. The Spice Girls Megamix is pretty good. There are many cheap rip offs of songs. I'm feeling horny uses cheesy samples of Let Me Clear My Throat by DJ Kool Check out Da Bassline is a ripoff of Klubhopping by the Klubbheads. Songs by Jaade and Q-Club are 2 of the better songs on this cd but that may not be saying too much. The only reason this cd has this high of a rating is because of the better songs on it. Rating: 6.5/10 Track Listing: Intro...The Test Drive 1 Uh La La La - Alexia Original Mix 2 Tide is High - Angelina Pop Mix 3 It's My Life - DJ Bobo Ext Version 4 I Like it, I Luv it - Koolmatch Ext Mix 5 The Spice Girls Megamix - Unlimited Beat Orignal Mixes 6 Believe in Love - Jaade Club mix 7 I'll Be There - Q-Club Latin Paradise Mix 8 Say Yeah! - Strobe presents La Casa Grande 9 Emergency - Disciples of Sound Emergency Mix 10 Check Out Da Bassline - House Lizards Tweety Remix 11 Feelin Horney - Sex Kraz'd Superstars Club Mix 12 You Never Know - Solid Base Extended Mix 13 Love Set Us Free - Roxxy Extend A Bit Mix 14 Your Love is My Energy - Capitol Sound Club Style Mix 15 The Saint - Axel Force Sonik Attack Mix 16 Swingaling - Ricky Ricardo Ext Mix 17 Summer in the City - ZZZippooMan Adam

  • Danceteria
  • This cd combines many types of music like house, euro, latino, pop and Hi-nrg. MC Mario has come out with another wicked cd. My favorite song has to be Tic Tic Tac by Fruit De La Passion. There are new songs by culture beat and Masterboy which have not been released here in Canada yet. The mixing is good and so is the Mastermind Intro. Most of the songs on this cd are new except All My Dreams by Laya feat MC Solo which is a wicked song. This cd has a lot of wicked songs and a lot of new songs so I give it a 9/10. Rating: 9/10 Track Listing: 1 Mastermind Intro "The appetizer" * 2 Your Woman - One. Nation feat Victory * 3 Sugar is Sweeter - C.J. Bolland * 4 Love Commandments part 2 - Gisele Jackson 5 It's just another Groove - Mighty Dub Katz 6 Into You - Shauna Davis 7 Disco Rouge - Disco Rouge * 8 Time - Kitt Katt * 9 Without Your Love - Angelina 10 Do the Damn Thing - The 2 live crew * 11 Maria - Ricky Martin ** 12 Tic Tic Tac - Fruit De La Passion ** 13 That Elvis Track - Sol Brothers 14 Number One (Hi NRG Version) - Alexia 15 All My Dreams - Laya feat MC. Solo 16 Walk the Same Line - Culture Beat 17 Just For You - Masterboy * 18 Heartbroken - Althea McQueen *** * next to the song means it is exclusive. ** means it is an exclusive remix *** Exclusive bonus track Adam

  • Dome Party Mix 97
  • The Dome is a club in Montreal and MC Mario DJ's there. I really like almost every song especially "Afterparty" by Captain Hollywood and "I'm Alive" by Stretch and Vern. The mixing is simple but it's good. The best mixing is within the first six songs on this cd. The only old song is Crying in the Rain by Culture Beat but it's a wicked song. The version of "Up to no Good" stinks but every other song is a good version of them. I really like the song "Try My Love" by Jacynthe, the version on this cd is so much better than other versions that I have heard on the radio. The song "Heartbroken (Life)" by Althea McQueen was remixed by MC Mario and it is a really good song. I give this cd a 9 out of 10 because there is good mixing and some wicked songs. Rating: 9/10 Track Listing: 1 jellyhead - crush 2 try my love - jacynthe 3 show me colors - masterboy 4 crying in the rain - culture beat 5 heartborken - althea mcqueen 6 afterparty - Cpt hollywood 7 dj girl - katalina 8 disco blu - disco blu 9 i dont need your love - angelina 10 stand up - love tribe 11 up to no good - porn kings 12 wildstyle - dj supreme 13 i'm alive - stretch & vern 14 lost in love -temp 15 so excited - luca 16 the dome is on fire - phase 3 Adam

  • DJ Club Mix 11
  • This cd has many fast-beat, up tempo songs. There are so many songs that i love and they include Here I come by captain GQ, Into the Night by Ondina who sounds a lot like Corona, Beatman by Nadia, Without Your Love by Angelina, Number one by Alexia and Do you really love me by Jay Jay. The song Respect Yourself by Dj BoBo is definitely not one if his better songs. Lost has really crappy remix of the Toni Braxtons smash hit song Unbreak my heart. The mixing is really good for the whole cd. Also Boris Dlugosch and Mia Minx have good songs. I give this cd a 9.5 out of 10 because it has so many totally awesome songs, but it has a few songs that are no good at all. Rating: 9.5/10 Track Listing: 1 Intro 2 Here I Come (power mix) - Captain GQ 3 Open up Your Heart (fuzzy navel mix) - Mix Minx 4 Into the night (Extended mix) - Ondina 5 Tha Wildstyle - Dj Supreme 6 I'm Gonna Party (dance mix) - G-Spline feat Royce 7 Beatman (extended mix) - Nadia 8 Without your love (euro pop mix) - Angelina 9 Number one (club mix) - Alexia 10 Do you really love me - Jay Jay 11 Unbreak My heart (lost & found mix) - Lost 12 Help me make it- Huff & Puff 13 Survive (main room mix) - Brutal Bill presents Saundra Marquez 14 It's gonna be alright (help is on the way) (Dj Guanis club mix) - Deep Zone 15 Every Body Wake Up (midnight mix) - Jazz Voice 16 Keep Pushin' (original club mix) - Boris Dlugosch presents BOOOM! 17 Respect Yourself (B+B remix) - D.J. Bobo Adam

  • Dj's United Klub Anthems
  • This cd has many wicked songs like "Up to no Good" by the Porn Kings, and "Happy Days" by PJ. There are bad versions of the songs "I can feel" it by M One, and "Let's All Chant" by Gusto which is a wicked song but it is a horrible version of it. There are some older songs like "Happiness" by Pizzaman and "Klubbhopping" by the Klubbheads. Quasi Rhythm had a Horrible follow up to their first song "Don't you feel my love". Also The Course took the Fugees Song, "Ready or Not" and remixed it and it came out pretty good. The Summer Junkies used samples from 'Moments in Love" in the song "I'm Gonna Luv U" which is one of the better songs on this cd. Overall I give this cd an 8 out of ten because each song rather is really good or really shitty. Rating: 8/10 Adam

    CD Singles

  • A little bit of ecstasy - JOCELYN ENRIQUEZ
  • Excellent followup to "Do you miss me?" The CD Single has 10 (count 'em) tracks. Radio mixes and freefloor mix are best ones on there and sound a lot like Lina Santiago meets Crystal Waters with a touch of New Order. There's also an "insomnia" mix, the x-mix of "Do you miss me?" it too which is not too shabby at all. All in all, good value for money! Rating: 10/10 Ben

  • Call me - LE CLICK
  • Overall, it's an ok CD single. The Euro Radio are pretty good and I liked the Junior's main mix well the first 4 minutes of it, after a while it goes on. I don't know what version of Junior's remix they played on the radio but it's shorter. The rap is poor and I think the rapper has been dropped on the next single on "Don't go" The Spike mixes are ok but pales in comparison on the mixes he did on "Falling in love". "Tonight is the night" redone by the new crew is pretty good aside the rapping again. Track Listing: 1. Euro Radio Mix (No Rap) 2. Euro Radio Minx (rap) 3. Junior's Main Mix 4. Spike Me Club Mix 5. Spike Dub 6. "Tonight is the night" feat Kayo/Robert Haynes Rating: 7.5/10 Ben

  • Do ya wanna dance? - MARINA
  • Well thanks to Kamen records for the CD and the review... A pretty good CD, yes! Marina has a voice comparable to Taylor Dayne. It's pretty powerful. The disco mixes sounds a little bit like Barry Manilow but there you go, the house mix and the tribal club anthem caught my ear at first glance. Have to admit I didn't think much of the disco mixes but that's growing on me:) Rating: 8.5/10 Ben

  • This single has 8 versions of the song You. They are all pretty good. My favorite verison is the U.K. mix. The U.S. Club mix and the Dance mix are 2 of the better versions. The Lans Vocal Mix is pretty bad. All in all this is a very good single. Rating: 8.5/10 Track Listing: 1 U.K Mix 2 U.S. Club Mix 3 Dance Mix 4 Odeon Remix 5 Euro MIx 6 Extended U.K. Mix 7 Progressive Mix 8 The Lans Vocal Mix Adam

  • In a Dream (the single) - ROCKELL
  • On this single there are 2 versions of In a Dream and 2 version of I Fell in Love. The freestyle mix of In a Dream is totally awesome and the funky mix is good. The 2 versions of I Fell in Love are not very good. Rating: 8/10 Track Listing: 1. In a Dream (Freestyle Mix) 4:00 2. In a Dream (Funky Mix) 4:15 3. I Fell in Love (Lenny B's Freestyle Radio mix) 4:05 4. I Fell in Love (Lenny B's Freestyle Club Mix) 5:16 Adam

  • One more time (remixes) - REAL McCOY
  • Back with avengence in their Eurodance style, the remixes are okay. The bass bumpers mix is what's being played on Energy 108 and that's not to bad. That mix is a little relaxing than the regular mixes. Rating: 8/10 Ben