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Check out some of CD reviews from over 1996. From the Real McCoy, 20 Fingers, Emjay to many compilation CDs like Pirate Radio Sessions and Dance Mix USA. Also check out latest CD reviews from this year, 1997 too. Many thanks to Adam assisting me on that.

**NEW** Here are reviews of a couple shows, Hot Rush '97 hosted by Hot 103.5FM (attended by: Adam) and Power Jam '97 hosted by Power 88.5FM (attended by: ME).

**NEW** Check out the review of the 1st half of 1997

I go to the UK every so often to check the out the music scene and review a few songs over there. I was there in:

In August '95, I had the opportunity to witness to Caribana Jam '95 which featured amongst others Reel-2-Real, Temperance, Emjay and Solina.

Also check the year-in reviews from the UK and Toronto for '96.