Shovelsham 1997
Pinfalls anywhere Match (for the Vacant WWW World Heavyweight Title)

Ravishing Chris Hein vs Big Ben Vader
Ravishing vs Vader, take 7! Well there has been no resolution between the two greats of th WWW. Lately, it's gotten plain stupid. A Steel cage match at Round your house ended in both men touching the floor at the same time. A month ago, at the King of the Road, the ladder completely snapped after too much impact from the two. And hence this matchup. There must be a winner! surely?

Lumberjock Match

Blakey vs Mr Hughes
Blakey beat Hughes in the semi-finals of the King of Road, but lost to Foz in the final due to interference from Hughes. Stipulations of the match are simple. If Blakey loses, he cannot conduct a bus in London again, if Hughes loses, he cannot point his finger and nod his head ever again.

European Title match
Hairy mary vs Rodneyzuna
A possible mismatch except for 2 things. Hairy Mary is the European Champion and more importantly, she's undefeated.

WWW World Tag Team Titles on-line
COD vs Mountains vs Goldbust/Dale Winton vs Eltons
COD are the champions after ditching Blakey. Blakey was not pleased. The Chicken Of Domination look to defend the belts against the Mountains and a couple of other bizarre tag teams.

WWW World Featherweight Title on-line
Cookie Monster vs Zippy
Rematch for the featherweight title. To see who has the biggest mouth.

Plus a battle royale for the vacant Radio Belt!