Benedict's net.friends

  Virtual Insanity!

[Dog running]

Oooh so many friends so little time. Yes I have been shying away a little that I use talkers to make friends! Hehe, seriously, it's always fun to have a chat someone well away, over the computer when you are not too busy, which isn't the case with me! I usually can be found on Surfers. Here's a telnet link which will take you there. I also stop by Argoed. If you are looking for different talkers to try out, here is a comprehensive listing from Grim and Fang

So now the friends. To not show preferential treatment I shall mention some of my friends in alphabetical order. Bribes to get on top of the list will be happily accepted!

  • Alice (helen-louise) - Beware of the net.goth. She's got a nice walking stick too =O)
  • Alisalisa (Alisa) - This girl is going places! She's off flying to the moon again!
  • Annida (Annida)- The Ravnos Vampire and all round goth. (First 2 of 3 friends are grim, great start;)
  • Badguy (Trusty) - Tis Soultrain always spells things wrong and loves to frame me for eating chicken.
  • Bedrock (Beddork) - The ORIGINAL "Don't poke me or I'll giggle like the Pillsbury Dough Boy"!!! 'til I ripped him off ;O)
  • Bee/Jaq (Bobbi) - She's got a vicious stinger!
  • BigPhil (Phil) - He's all and more than he's stacked up to be. He's big and He's Phil.
  • Blakey (Chris) - The bus conductor can do it all! Even strut! Deals out a mean set of cards.
  • Blimey - All hail the King Idler ;O)
  • Blue - The blue one has unfortunate distinction of sharing my birthday hence he's my twin!
  • Brandy (Ailsa) - One word: Shower
  • Chocolate/Goldie (Erika) - {Not on surfers} Can't you tell, she loves CHOCOLATE!!!
  • Chrysalid (Christine) - Never have I seen a woman love so much beer ;O)
  • Cliffy/xxee (Clifford) - Clifford the dragon? Well he's welsh and an all round nice guy!
  • Cuora (Lana) - Cuora is the heart from the heart of Canada.
  • Dakota (Dakkypoohs) - She's not from Dakota. She loves critters
  • Deejay (Daniel) - He's not from the Caribbean and he's not a DJ neither
  • Demi (Lori) - Friendly net.sis, who takes after the charming Demi Moore... NOT! Well I hope not! ;O)
  • Elise - Another net.sis who pops in when she's not busy from work! (Just how many net.sises do I have? ;O)
  • Enchanted (Amber) - Very very enchanting indeed. =O) But be warned, badguy, she's ater your typomania title!
  • Fang (Jason) - A nice and friendly guy to talk to! Happy to be his net.bro =O)
  • Fawn/Kermitfrog (Liz) - She's very nice girl, always happy when she's on =O) She's my net.kid =O)
  • Flipper/Halo {on Surfers} (Viv) - She likes things that go splash too much! Don't say the word bubbly to her ;O)
  • Fresh (Ben) - The man, the DJ with fresh sounds
  • Jagr - Plays for the Pens... oh no. I introduced him to webpage publishing and well it's gone on from there!
  • Jaelle (Molly) - Music is her life... Just keep your feet on the ground and reach for the stars =O)
  • Jaguar/Teddybear (Brandi) - I love to ride in jaguars... um nevermind. ;O)
  • Jennyfur (Jenny) - Another cute spod that jennypuss is ;O)
  • Jetta (Georgi) - Jetta, one of the people I spoke to. nice lady :O)
  • Jmustang (Jason) - Another nice guy. It's so cute that he and Kermitfrog are going to get married. =O)
  • June - June Bug!
  • Kelso (Kerri) - The talking horse!
  • Kris (Kristen) - One of the first, I talked to. Really speaks her mind about things. My big sis on surfers so be careful! =OP
  • Ladyhawk/Tigress - Another friendly person with a lot tigery passion...
  • Lava/Motaboy/Potusa - He changes name as often as Prince does. He's my net.son. Scary, eh?
  • Lucifer (Jon) - Big time competition between lucidler and shyidler... so he says!
  • Mars (Jana) - She's not from Mars
  • Mona (Deb) - She likes to seduce and steal my friends from me! ;O)
  • msb - The spod (bank) that likes to say YES! (myspodbonk?)
  • Nefarious (Hope) - She's a crazy woman! She'll talk about anything. And I mean anything ;O)
  • Ostrich (Jane) - This bird is crazy... Unlike a real one, she doesn't keep her head in the sand and she loves eggs!
  • Plush (Jess) - Plushy's a friendly, nice woman =O)
  • Pooky (Kim) - She' spooky kinda off kooky... It's pooky (joking)
  • Priscilla (Jill) - Uh huh... thank you very much... Big time Elvis fan
  • Randalthor - Randy's a complete smeghead!
  • Ruddles (Frank) - He's not the beer. But he's proud as British bitter!
  • Sali (Lisa) - CuteSpod, enough said!
  • Sanman (Roy) - The BOFH!!!
  • Satisfaction (Robynne) - Can't get no satisfaction;)
  • Shann (Shann)- The lovable net.sis who seemingly spends most of the time in the shower!
  • Shygirl (Naiara) - Another friendly girl. Judging by the name, didn't take long to meet :OP
  • Shymer (Max) - Another Shyguy? Even more ironic, is the fact he went to the same school as me at one time!
  • Silas (Lilah) - My current net.fiancee, alright darling ;O)
  • Sinead (O'Connor) - Yes she is clean shaven just like her mentor, Sinead O'Connor!
  • Sofia (Sophia) - She's not the capital of Bulgaria but she likes lots of whipped weddings.
  • Songbird (Anne) - The grandma... and cookie monster!
  • Squid (Steve) - Squidly Diddly Do ;O)
  • Swissmiss (Heidi) - One of the first, I danced, I mean talk to. Cute and she's the net.lil-sis.
  • Swish - Swishmiss;) Well he always calls me shygit for some reason.
  • Teal - Teal is a need a shade of colour. She's from Trinidad! :)
  • Treasure (Anna) - Wow wot a big treasure chest. she like to spend half year in the US and half in the UK... No Wonder she's a BIG treasure chest;)
  • Topaz (Christie) - She's always up to no good :OP
  • Waterfall (Naz) - Don't go chasing waterfalls, please stick to the rivers that you used to!
  • Whoever - Whoever... who?
  • Zona - All hail and meet thee (yoko) zona!

I have probably forgotten someone and I'm sorry, honest! My brain isn't that good;) If you've not been mentioned and want to be included here, please please email me:) and let me know...