UK Review: August 1995

I was England from Aug 17 - Sep 2...
Here is a list singles that i had a chance to listen to while i was there.
Note: (+) - singles I bought. Ratings out of 10 stars.

Deuce - On the bible (+)
Deuce are a UK band who've had top 15 hits with "I need you" and "Call it 
love!" This track is Absolutely great! I picked up the remix CD and they are 
all great. My fav off the CD is the Wand remix.
RATING: *********

Happy Clappers - Hold on
It's a 4 track CD with 2 radio mixes, the boomshanka mix and tweakin' mix.
It's not as good/catchy as "I believe", though you can spot the
similarities in the 2 songs. It starting to grow on me.
RATING: *****

D:Ream - Party up the world
"Shoot me with your love" was their last single and this pales way in
comparisons. In fact, this one is so bad, it sounds similar to Black Lace.
(That's if you know who they are. If you don't, don't bother)

De'lacy - Hideaway (+)
Haven't heard a lot of this. In fact I was given awhite label of this, but
since the record player at where I'm staying at, broke as the stylus just
fell off. But from what I gather, it's very comparable to Kristine W's
"Feel what you want"
RATING: ******

Sunscreem - When (The reign is falling) (+)
Did you know, this single was to be called "The reign is falling" but
because so many fans asked WHEN were they going to release some new stuff.
They changed the name of the sing. Anyhow, similar to their earlier stuff
of "Love u more", "Perfect motion" and "Pressure us" There's a couple of
really trancy mixes.
RATING: *****

JX - Son of a gun '95
A good remix.
RATING: ******

Berri - Sunshine after the rain
Over in the UK, it's credited to Berri, rather than New Atlantic. On the
CD, we have two 2 cowboy mixes and 2 dancing divas mixes. Still a classy
single. I figured out that the 2 cowboys mix is probably a sample of the
following song.
RATING: ********

Donna Summer - I feel love
Remixed for '95. Heard it once on the radio and loved it.
RATING: *******

Utah Saints - Ohio (What am I supposed to do) (+)
Another sample from a popular song (refering to "Something good" and Kate
Bush") in "That's the way (uh huh) I like it!" Another super track from
RATING: *******

X-Pansions - Move your body
Only checked out the opening track which seems similar to the version,
first time around.
RATING: ****

Scatman John - Scatman's World
Not as good as "Scatman" but it's still quite good.
RATING: *****

Michelle Gayle - Happy just to be with you
First time I heard it, I go it's good. Then it was downhill from there.
The radio mix uses Chic's "Good times" as a backing track.
RATING: ******