UK Review: December 1995

I was England again over the xmas period...
Here is a list singles that i had a chance to listen to while i was there.
Note: (+) - singles I bought.

Automatic Lover '95 (UK remixes) - REAL McCOY
I'm pretty sure the single version is different to one that was released back
in 1994. Anyhow that track and the transeuro mix stand out in my mind. The
Lenny mixes are ok and Armand's mix is thump-thump-forgetable.

Relax (UK remixes) - CRYSTAL WATERS (+)
2 different mixes are added in the Todd Terry Frozen mix and Tin Tin Out
Crystalised mix. The Todd Terry mix has to be listened to a couple of times
to get used to. It reminds me alot of that weird tennis music (only UK
folks may get what I just wrote.) Slighly disappointing considering he did
a cracking job with "Missing!" Tin Tin Out is just one good thumping track
and weirdly at times, reminds me of Alison Limerick's "Where love lives"

3 Todd Terry mixes, Chris & James, Rocking blue and the album version are
all on this CD and yes the Todd Terry mixes are just outstanding.

Shine like a star - BERRI (+)
Whereas the 2 cowboys mixes of "Sunshine after the rain" were better than
the Dancing Divaz mixes. It's the Dancing Divaz of this that stands out
on this CD single.

Happiness - PIZZAMAN (+)
Very similar sounding to Freakpower's "Tune in, Turn on, Cop out" (but
that's the same person behind that project.) Haven't really listened to
the CD yet.

Not so manic now - DUBSTAR (+)
The outright track sounds too much like the Cranberries. But the Way out
west remix is like it says just way out. A nice trancy techno mix indeed.

Tell it to my heart - Q CLUB
This is indeed the old Taylor Dayne hit of a few years back. The mixes aren't
that great. In fairness, it could have just been the listening post, I was
at. I could just hear the vocals. You might as well get Taylor Dayne to
reissue it herself. Hey that's a good idea ;)

Imitation of life - BILLIE RAY MARTIN
I don't think she can follow-up "Your loving arms" properly. "Running around
town" only had 3 tracks on and wasn't that great. The mixes on this one are
ok-ish. (again you could blame the listening post I was at but at least I
thought it was better than Q Club.)

Spaceman - BABYLON2
This is a weird track. The only reason I know about it because it's on the
current Levis Jeans ad in the UK. The vocals appear to be sped up and altered
a little. It has to be noted that Shaggy's "Boombastic" was used in a Levis
ad campaign and that got to #1 in the UK.

Who the X is Alice? - SMOKIE (feat ROY CHUBBY BROWN)
Just how many version are there of this are there. There's Gompie, the
Steppers and this. In fact there's one CD that I saw 3 techno tracks which
is just credited to Smokie. But I wasn't about to shell out 8 pounds on that
though. (btw Roy Chubby Brown version is quite funny. He is some kind of
Comedian apparently)