UK Review: June 1996

On my travels to England I managed to listen to a great number of
songs. Some good, some bad and some just ugly. This review should
take the best of the June releases in the UK. Rating out of 5 stars.

Bizarre Inc - Surprise
Just saw on it on the TV and the surprise is it's nothing like "I'm
gonna get you" In fact it's so unlike it, it's almost like they have
gone retro.

Mariah Carey - Always be my baby (remixes)
Well there were 2 CDs for this and I elected for the remixes. There's
not much of note on it. A little disappointing. Too much "Always be
my... Always be my... Always be my..." over and over again in a
couple mixes, kinda bored me... The opening track, the def classic
mix is probably the best.

Deuce - No Surrender (CD 1)
After a great single in "On the bible", I am very disappointed on
this one. Very weak and only 3 tracks on this one, only makes it
worse. The only good thing about it was the dream mix which is okay
and sounded a little Pet Shop Boy-ish and had that euro-pop style.

Electronic - Forbidden City
Interesting single because the main track in my opinion is "Imitation
of life" is the better track. It certainly encompasses the classic
style of New Order/Depeche Mode.

Everything But The Girl - Wrong
This is the 3rd track in the UK from "Walking Wounded", as opposed to
the 2nd track and follow-up to "Missing" in Canada (and the US)
Another good set of mixes from Todd Terry. Only real criticism is
that it's too similar to "Missing" but then again it's not been
overplayed too much on both sides of ocean like "Missing"

JX - There's nothing I won't do
Sounded good on the radio and should fair as well as "Son of a gun"
around the world.
RATING: ** 1/2

Happy Clappers - Can't help it
Another top notch track from the Happy Clappers. Following "I
believe" and "Hold on", "Can't help it" is another bouncy number with
this time a few good mixes.
RATING: **** 1/2

R Kelly - Thank God it's Friday
A nice catchy soulful number from R Kelly.
RATING: ** 1/2

Alison Limerick - Where love lives
I actually saw this as no.1 on the UK black market chart on the
international charts section of Electric Circus. Well from there,
it's been re-pushed and re-issued in the UK. One of all my favourite
dance singles of all time. The first time around, it failed to chart
with some garage mixes but the second time around in 1991, it didn't
do badly on the UK chart but was a dance anthem that year.
The only new mixes I can see on this one though are the Dancing Divaz
mixes which aren't too bad but I still prefer the original and
perfecto mixes.
RATING: ****

Living Joy - Don't stop movin'
Comes up short when it follows "Dreamer", but it's not that bad.

Louise - Naked (mixes)
Louise split from eternal, a year ago to try it on her own. Well
judging by the title and on the couple old magazines she's on the
cover of, she's not doing too badly. The song itself is actually
quite catchy with that nice english/euro pop style. But the mixes on
this one leave something left to be desired for, unfortunately.
RATING: *** 1/2

Mark Morrison - Return of the Mack
A good hip-hop soul single and very similar style to R Kelly.
RATING: ** 1/2

Pianoman - Blurred
Another record with the "Girls n boys" sample...

Reel 2 Real - Jazz it up
Reel 2 Real are back with a single that might be as catchy "I like
to move it" It certainly leapt at me when I first heard. Mind you
it's very similar to the music for the tropical lilt ad on the TV
("Raise your hands"???) The mixes on this are catchy too
RATING: *****

Strike - Inspiration
A pretty frilly a little single but Strike still haven't really made
a catchy single since "u sure do"

Upside Down - Never found a love like this before
This sound very much like the new Take That... gasp... This one sounds
a lot like "Pray"