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I'm Engr Jose Allan Lopez Aizpuru, a Filipino and a third generation descendant from a Basque (Aizpuru).
I signed up on 11/11/98 06:27:07, has moved in my new home. My website is a construction in progress. Please bear with me.My last update of this Website was on January 3, 2009. You can contact me at my cell phone number (063)0919-369-84-04

My interest is:
tracing my family roots.

The description of my page is:

a Basque's


to the Philippines Islands

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    I think I have finally traced the grand children of Don Antonio Aizpuru in Spain. I have communicated with two of them. They are brothers, Carlos & Borja Aizpuru last August of 2001. It took me nearly three years to know the fate of our great grandfather. Thank you Carlos & Borja, for sharing with me and all the Aizpuru Families in the Philippines as to what happened to the first Aizpuru that stepped on the Philippine Islands.

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