Hello below are a few links. I hope you enjoy them bye!

www.sleep.com/dreams Look up what your dreams mean at this site

www.bored.com If you are bored you can find some interesting things here

www.seinfeld.com Do I have to tell you what this is about eh?

members.tripod.com/~Thunder_Rose/index.html To See The Moon: your first nights as a Wiccan-very informative site I think

www.reocities.com/SiliconValley/Bay/2207/index.html Great Place to get icons

www.reocities.com/Hollywood/Lot/9247/ Thy Witching Hour: A Craft Movie Page

www.parascope.com Something Strange is Happening

www.reocities.com/EnchantedForest/Cottage/8264/ Behind the wall: Fraggle Rock online

www.state.me.us Maine State Government Page

www.chickclick.com Girl Sites That Don't Fake it

www.800go.com/800go.html Twelve Search Engines in One

www.x-files.com Need I Explain?

www.scroll.org A great place to post your poetry and get help if needed

www.harmony-central.com fantastic resource for musicians. Includes guitar, bass, synths, MIDI, software, effects and most of everything else, except the hype

www.ohthehumanity.com Oh, the Humanity! - dedicated to bringing you, the esteemed viewer, the worst movies ever seen.

www.redcourt.demon.co.uk The Big List of Movie Mistakes

entrails.net/didja Didja Know- wacky facts that just may be true- try to figure it out

www.users.nac.net/werty/feelslike your psychological calendar: Will tomorrow be Monday all over again? Find out the forecast here

www.3dom.com/pastlife.htm Who Where You In your Past life?

members.tripod.com/~DeathInPlaid/list.html Dave's List of Fun Words To Say

www.mindspring.com/~selenem/ Another page that teaches about Wicca

www.reocities.com/~gf/mystic.html Web Mystic

snopes.simplenet.com/ Urban Legends Referance Page

www.spe.sony.com/movies/urbanlegend Urban Legends: The Movie

www.riotgrrl.com an e-zine for girls

www.hellfire.com Heard any bad jokes lately? Basco, Hellfire's resident bad joke aficionado, is looking for more stuff to laugh at. Post your latest bad joke at Hellfire's new message boards.

www.rainn.org Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network (RAINN) - official site with information about the organization, the benefit concert, the program, and more

www.korn.com Official Korn Site

Official MatchBox20 Site

www.3eb.com/ Official Third Eye Blind Site

www.liberty-lyle.com/everclear.html Official EverClear Site

members.tripod.com/~pearls143 Pearlly's Pooh Page

www.disney.com The Disney Homepage

www.wb.com The WB Network

www.fairygodmother.com/welcome.htm The True Fairy Godmothers Garden

www.reocities.com/Heartland/Valley/3111/fairy.html Fairy Graphics

www.faeryhill.com !!FaeryHill!!

www.seahorse.com/fairies The Fairies Of Lavendise

websmurfer.devnull.net Smurfs On The Web!

www.reocities.com/Broadway/2526/cb.html A Cute Care Bear page

www.jeweljk.com Jewel - official site with up-to-date schedule and information, merchandise mail-order, photos, bio, Faq's, poetry, and lyrics

www.primenet.com/~dhaber/beatles.html The Internet Beatles Album

www.herblore.com Hena's Herb Garden All about herbs and their health benefits

www.thefreesite.com A site that is totally free with counters,banners,software,java script etc etc

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