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Welcome to Distorted Perception Online. A variety of choices are on the menu to the left, so visit them. Make sure to leave a bullet in the bulletin board!!

Here's a formal introduction to the members:

Shael Riley - Lead Vocals, Bass

Matt O'Sullivan - Vocals, Guitar

Colin Riley - Drums, Back Vocals

Ben Doyle - Violin, Back Vocals

Distorted Perception recently played their first show, which was a complete success. It was at a local High School, for a battle of the bands. The band finshed 4th out of 10, and were applauded heavily. The scorecards including comments from the judges are available here.

Saturday, May 2, the band played local at their high school, at 7:00. They performed 7th 1 and The Works, both with Collin this time. Although they were originally going to play Avalanche as well, they were not able to do so. As a special treat, however, they were joined onstage by Martial Arts Expert John Lockwood, who performed the Degeneration-X salute while the band played the theme song. Special thanks to him from DP! A Sound clip is available right here.

They are currently looking into playing at several small cafes. Wherever they may play, and if you want to book them (for free right now, mind you) click here.

Currently Distorted Perception is in the works on 3 new songs: End's Over and 2 songs that as of yet are untitled. Clips of these newbies and the option to comment on them will be available in the Songs section shortly.

Some others that we also would like to give credit:

Dan Villante - Drums, played the battle of the bands with us.

Derek Smith - Drums, He's helped us here and there.

Special Thanks to:

Dave Carson - Working Class Hero

John Lockwood - Or he might hurt us!

Ben Harnick - He's making us a kick ass DP merchandise page!

Chris Matola - he drives us places, and that's just cool.

Desmond Cummings - Amps! We Need Amps!

Ricky - Amps! Amps! Amps! Cool guitars!!

Last One Picked - They're cool like that.

Cory O'Sullivan - He thinks we're cool.

Matt Rufo - Why the fuck not give him props?

Brian Teaney - he sent us a bomb threat.

Anthony Morales - He steals are equipment so no one else can!

These people suck:

Jeff Sciucco - he wanted his name on the page. So here.

All music is written by Shael and Matt.

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