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Thanks to that wonderful man (and not the one from Delmonte), I am in fact talking about 'that American' - Marc Berger, who with sheer persistence and enthusiasm has managed not only to make available on CD the limited Party Day Archive, but also helped to expand it. The last two CD's listed here are a collection of studio recordings, live tracks and interviews - and all in glorious non-Dolby technicolour rawness.

Be warned ye of faint heart...

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Glasshouse LP

plus extras: My Heroine / Let us Shine / Smile / Poison / The Spider / Flies / Borderline.

Simplicity LP

plus extras: (tracks by 'Silent Scream' & 'Second Coming' [fellow Barnsley bands]).

Splitting the Atom, Shelling the Pea

features: Values / The Spider / Opium Gathering / Poison / Flies / Springboard / Commitment / Rabbit Pie / Washing Line / Party Day / Them / 'interview' / EMSS / Matter.
"It's an acquired taste." - BEETHOVEN

The Buck Stops Here

features: The Spider / Flies / Boredom / Rabbit Pie / My Heroine / Carousel / Glasshouse / 'interview' / Neuro Dance / Opium Gathering / Tin Sky / Washing Line / Another NR.
"Definitely, I'm with you Ludwig." - FREUD
If you wish to obtain a copy of these CD's, contact Marc Berger ( for further details.

It's 2006, and I'm just waiting for the Tribute band now!!

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