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Another Party - Another Day: 'An interview with Party Day'

"The trouble with Barnsley," announces Party Day's self-appointed spokesman, Martin Steele, "is that there's too many bands. People start up a band one week and by the next, it's broken up again. They've got no staying power. They're all content to jump on the latest bandwagon, they don't try to create something new themselves."

Party Day are trying to do something different. Originally inspired by punk, they've been going for 3 years now. Martin, Carl Firth and Mick Baker are all founding members. I interviewed them on the occasion of the release of their second single, 'The Spider' on their own Party Day Records label. It follows up the successful 'Row the Boat Ashore' which made in-roads on the indie charts last year. The new single has a more moody, introspective feel, with poetic and enigmatic lyrics. "We've got hundreds of songs which we all write together - we're very democratic. People can come and see us over and over again and never get bored, because we can change the set every night. Whenever we play, we manage to fill a 27 seater bus with fans." Are those your friends or people who've got interested through the music? "Oh, some of them are our enemies. As long as they pay their money, we don't care."

They have a few horror stories to relate. They did a gig once at the '1 in 12 Club' in Bradford: "It was an all-day affair. We were told we'd be on at 5 o'clock. Then the management asked if we'd mind lending our gear to the other bands. So everyone else went on with our instruments and we didn't play until 11 at night. To top it all, we didn't even get paid."

The conversation drifts to the subject of local Leeds bands. As it happens, a member of The Three Johns - is in the other room so we fetch him in. The two bands reminisce and it turns out that The Three Johns were also playing at the ill-fated '1 in 12 club'. "When did you get onstage? We didn't play until 11 and everyone had gone home. There was only one bloke dancing . . . "That was me!" says John delightedly. "I remember you. I thought you were great." All too soon it's closing time and Party Day slope off to the bus station. No dates are settled yet, but gigs will be arranged to promote the new single. They are well worth looking out for.


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