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Thank you for your time and patience as you've navigated your way around the wonderful world of PARTY DAY. Now that you've caught up one of Yorkshire's lost jewels, I hope that you've enjoyed the trip. Certainly it will have increased your knowledge of them, and who knows, it may have enriched your life.

My involvement with Party Day ended in 1985 and as you should know by now they carried on a little longer. So what happened: Well, Martin left the band at the end of 1985 and was replaced by Dean Pickett (a stalwart of the Barnsley scene), who was much involved in both LP's. Although these were well received locally, they couldn't regain the 'Steam Roller effect' that they had under Martin. The months of re-adjustment had not been kind to them.

Most of the members of Party Day can still be found in and around Barnsley. And Dean Peckett may well be the main contact for the band. Why not send him an email - you know you want to . . .

So why an in-depth site on Party Day? Well I believe that it was about time that Party Day took up their rightful place as one of Yorkshire's lost jewels of music scene. After being listed in the Corporate Bible, MUSIC WEEK in 1988, they disappeared from trace. Only to resurface briefly in Mick Mercer's book 'Gothic Rock' published in the UK (1991) and in the USA (1993). Since then, all 'ultimate' listings have missed them. Such a shame for a great band to be ignored.

It's difficult to say what my favourite memory/anecdote is, it could be:

So what of the back catalogue? Well from that wonderful American (see later), who has perservered, there are now CD versions of everything and more (checkout Bootleg PD). As for DVD's? I don't think there can be many video images of the band, certainly not during my period, although what happened to the video recordings of their gigs at La Phonographique and the Queens Hall is anyone's guess. Therefore it would seem unlikely that a DVD would be produced. There are plans to include a few sample MP3 files on the site, but no date set. Let me know what you want.

And of the future? As far as I know, there are no plans for the band to reform. Although strange do things happen occasionally, like the time an American sought them out whilst he was in the UK, met up and jammed with them, and he knew more about the song structures than they themselves remembered! . . . Moments like that made it all worthwhile.

[Party Day - went on line as of 'Feb 00'and was updated 'Aug 02']

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