Kobaian - English Dictionary

Kobaian dictionary is growing...!! Now it's not long before we can really comprehend what Zebehn & co. sing! :-))

Dictate the meaning of Kobaian words!! Here are some dictations made by Magma fans. Any comments, corrections & additions will be greatly appreciated. Please contact me.

Contributions From:

Laurent (predator@MicroNet.fr)
Peter Thelen (ptlk@netcom.com)
Virgin (virgin1@virgin.fr)
Anthony "Slug of Doom" Hobbs (hobbs_a@ix.wcc.govt.nz)
Roger (roger.espel.llima@ens.fr)


Kobaian            English
^emgalai           apocalypse
andaksik           flow
antsik             ask
blum               people
bradia             speak
bunder             pillar
da                 the
de                 of
deuhl              flood
dewa               tree
di                 the
dihhel             life
dindol             your
do                 you
doia               not, step
dreiak             hypocrisy
drest              explosion
dros               from
dun                heart
dusz               your
eden               without
ek                 who
etnah              heredity, outline
falt               sweat
fennh              blade, gold cloth
fu                 a, an
fur                for
furwolt            while
fuwest             crack
geun               poor
glao               blood
gorkeulhzenht      convulsions
hamtaahk           hate
hamtai, hamatai    to salute
hell, hel          life
helolesz           drop
hiweusz            pulse
hoi                one
host               ?
hundin             infinite
hurt               first
ihwa               wait
is                 as, like
itah               earth
kalain             passion
klawiehr           keyboards
kobaia             eternal
krematohm          cremation, crematory
l^em               noise
l^emworitst^em     dark
lah                air
lants^em           ghost
lantsei            to run away
lidente            destiny
lihns              rain
loff               lose
lohessi            lengthen
loi                to drink
loile              thirsty
lud                it
luszt              perfect
m^em               in
Malawelekaahm      incantation
maneh              ensemble
mennh, meletsi     smell
met                on, upon, above
muss               vital
nansei             forever, never, ever
noszfeuhl          endless
otsilennhet^e      imaginary, imagination
rait, raitah       burn
reugh              eat
rinst^e            prisoner
rogh               appearance
rownah             purge
runhd^e            unperturbed
saaht              painful
setnait            breast
sewolawen          silence
siri               cry
slibenli           wave
soia               night, high
sowilei            delicate
steuhn             torwards
stauhi             ashes
strain             to tear
sun                is
sunh               and, be
surra              pure
tendiwa            soul
theusz             time
tuduwan            lie
ud                 it, that
udea               fruit
umennh             breathe
und^em             ocean
undazir            vision
unsai              past
urfakt             last
urwa               violence
uz                 and
wainsaht           forward
walomend^em        universe (all together)
warrei             why
wi                 where
wlasik             forgive, pardon, ascension
wol                from
wurdah             death, dead
wurdin             nothingness, nothing
zain               brain
zanka              sun
zess               master
zeuhl              celestial music
zort               surly (?)
zunh               sound
zur                you


See what the Kobaian texts mean... if you know more, please let me know!

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