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Liam and Noel Gallagher,2 brothers from manchester started a band in 1991.

The band wasn't a big hit than but in 1993 they started to be more succesful.

Their first big hit was in 1994,and it was called"Supersonic".

The british people saw something in them,something that remind them...the Beatles.

Their first album,"Definetley maybe" sold millions of copy around the world and

get Oasis a very big hit called "Whatever".very classic song.

but,about 6 months later they got the 1st place in the u.k top with the hit

"Some might say".They realeased their second album called "What's the story(Morning glory)",

who included another top 1st single("Don't look back in anger")and the beutiful ballad,

"Wonderwall".Today Oasis have their 3rd album,"Be here now".

Oasis are now The best band on the world(some might not say!?)

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