Reuben Archer (vocals)

First band I know with Reuben is Lautrec, but I need more info on them.

Around February 1981. Reuben Archer joins Lionheart:

But this wasn't for too long, as Reuben Archer and Frank Noon abandon the band before in June 1981, to join Wild Horses soon after, playing their first live gig at The Marquee in August 1981: But Reuben & Laurence Archer soon leave the band to form Stampede, and Wild Horses finally split in October 1981. This was the original lineup for Stampede: But around 1982, the lineup changes when Frank Noon leaves them: Stampede released two albums with this new lineup: the live one Official bootleg and Hurricane town. I also have a live track by Stampede in the 2LP live album Reading Rock.

They split around 1983, when Laurence Archer joins Phil Lynott in Grand Slam.

And I don't have more updated info on him. Anybody knows, please?

As a side note, Reuben Archer is stepfather to Laurence Archer. I remember a similar case in the band Spirit (Ed Cassidy was stepfather to the missed Randy California).

Albums with Stampede:


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