John Lockton (guitar)

First band I know about him is a trio called The Next Band:

They only released a 4-songs EP, Four by three, and it seems they changed their name to Wild Fire.

I don't have data about Wild Fire, except that Rocky Newton and Frank Noon played on it.

Sometime later, Newton and Noon joined Lionheart, so Wild Fire split.

Lockton joins Wild Horses in October 1980 (replacing Neil Carter):

They released their 2nd album (first one with Lockton), Stand your ground. But the group's stability was damaged when Brian 'Robbo' Robertson and Clive Edwards left the band in June 1981. Jimmy Bain quickly recruited new musicians (comprising John's old mate, Frank Noon), and they made their first live gig at The Marquee in August 1981: But Reuben & Laurence Archer soon leave the band to form Stampede, and they finally split in October 1981.

After that, around 1981-1982, John recorded some demos with singer Gary Barden:

Lockton also played in some demos with bassist Neil Murray, but I don't know if they're the same demos as with Gary Barden. Anybody knows?

In the mid 80s, John Lockton joined a new band, Victory:

Their debut album, Victory, was released in 1985. After that, they changed some members, and Lockton left them.

And I don't know more info about him. Can anyone help with current info, please?

Albums with The Next band:

Albums with Wild Horses: Albums with Victory: Sessions:

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