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Hi! Welcome to my homepage!

AKD's Art Rock Group Index page

Some of my favorite groups include:

Asia logo and Yes logo designed by A K Davis, based upon the logos created by Roger Dean

Pink Floyd boat logo designed by A K Davis, based upon the logo created by Storm Thorgerson.

Jethro Tull logo designed by A K Davis, based upon a design by Geoff Halpin.

King Crimson logo designed by A K Davis, based upon the logo designed by Bill Smith studio.


Album Title
Song Title

Each of the above groups exemplify the characteristics of art rock music: the ostentatious pomposity and the clarity of the full sound!

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The above painting is entitled: "In Search Of Xanadu." It is an original 24" X 48" acrylic on pressed hardboard by A. Keith Davis. This painting is based upon the painting, "Another View Of Palm Canyon" by Wilton McCoy." It has been inspired by Roger Dean, or other artists and Salvador Dali. Other views of the series of paintings inspired by "Xanadu" can be seen at Exit... Stage Left or at my virtual art gallery page, or at Xanadu.

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Thank you very much for visiting my art rock group site! I sincerely hope that you have enjoyed your visit! I will be periodically updating this site from time to time.

Until then, I would sincerely appreciate it if you would leave your comments in the guestbook (which contains code not written by me) or e-mail me at the address below! I will be adding more pages and I will also be changing the destination of the graphics and creating additional graphics as time goes on!

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