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Moving Pictures (1981)

MusicianInstruments played and other info
Geddy LeeBass guitars, Oberheim polyphonic, OB-X, Mini-Moog, Taurus pedal Sythesizers, vocals
Alex LifesonSix and twelve string electric and acoustic guitars, Taurus pedals
Neil PeartDrum kit, timbales, gong bass drums, orchestra bells, glockenspiel, wind chimes, bell tree, crotales, cowbells, plywood

Table Comments


Track No.Song TitleTrack TimingComments
1.TOM SAWYER4:33Probably Rush's most popular song. "Tom Sawyer" is a song which stresses the importance of individuality in society!
2.RED BARCHETTA6:09A song which deals with a car race in the future. This song makes you feel as if you are in the middle of that fateful race!
3.YYZ4:24One of Rush's most interesting compositions dealing with the cosmopolitan environment of airports. This instrumental was nominated for a Grammy Award, but unfortunately lost to the Police.
4.LIMELIGHT4:19A great song about the consequences of being famous! I wish that they had included this song on E.S.L., instead of Beneath, Between & Behind.
5.THE CAMERA EYE10:58Nearly as long as Rush's magnum opus, this song reflects the differences between New York and London.
6.WITCH HUNT4:44A song which deals with an angry mob motivated by fear. This song stresses the ignorance of the vigilantee mentality.
7.VITAL SIGNS4:46A song which successfully merges quite a bit of reggae into Rush's repertoire; this is a precursor of their work in the mid 1980's.


I first heard this album back in early March, 1981. Although, many people consider Moving Pictures Rush's masterpiece, I have to say that overall, it is only my 5th favorite Rush album! Even better than Permanent Waves, Pictures is still one of Rush's "greatest" albums! The songs, "Tom Sawyer," "Red Barchetta," "Limelight," "Vital Signs" and "YYZ" are superb! The extended suite-"The Camera Eye" is also superb! "Witch Hunt" is a great song also. Still, Rush would better itself with it's next album! Incidentally, this was one of my first compact disc purchases, and one of my first digitally remastered compact disc purchases!

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