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Hi! Welcome to my homepage!

A page devoted to another great album by:

Presto (1989)

Above image created by Hugh Syme and modified by A. K. Davis using Adobe Photoshop 4.0.

MusicianInstruments played and other info
ALEX LIFESONElectric and acoustic guitars
NEIL PEARTDrums and electronic percussion
GEDDY LEEBass guitars, vocals, synthesizers
Rupert HineAdditional keyboards and additional background vocals
Jason SnidermanAdditional keyboards

Table Comments


Track No.Song TitleTrack TimingComments
1.SHOW DON'T TELL5:01A great introductory song
2.CHAIN LIGHTNING4:33A superb song dealing with atmospheric phenomena.
3.THE PASS4:51A superb song which deals with the down to earth problem of teen suicide.
4.WAR PAINT5:24A very good song about dating.
5.SCARS4:07A superb song, one of my favorite Rush tunes which deals with serious problems such as environmental damage and starvation.
6.PRESTO5:45A rarity for this album, a pleasant song which makes you wonder about what you can do to improve the world we live in.
7.SUPERCONDUCTOR4:47A song about fantasy.
8.ANAGRAM (for Mongo)4:00A very clever play on words.
9.RED TIDE4:29A superb, very serious song about the destruction of the environment and what each individual can do to prevent further damage. A call to arms if you will!
10.HAND OVER FIST4:11A song about isolation from other people, how we live in the same world, but isolate ourselves in our world.
11.AVAILABLE LIGHT5:03One of Rush's best songs, this is one of Rush's best compositions.


After the conclusion of the "Mercury" years, there is a change of record companies and a new producer-Rupert Hine brings Rush back finally to where they should be! Presto is absolutely superb! This is Rush's fourth best album flawed only by the song-"Superconductor." The rest of the album is tremendous! "Scars," "Anagram (For Mongo)," "Red Tide," "Presto," "Chain Lightning," "The Pass" and "Available Light" are among the best songs ever written by Rush! "Show Don't Tell" and "Hand Over Fist" are also very good!

When I first heard this cd back in late 1989, I was thoroughly amazed with the variation in textures that are present throughout this recording. I liked it almost immediately!

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