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Hi! Welcome to my homepage!

A page dedicated to Rush's Great Album: Roll The Bones (1991)

Musician nameInstruments played
Alex LifesonElectric and Acoustic Guitars, Backing Vocals
Neil PeartDrums and Cymbals
Geddy LeeBass Guitar, Vocals, Synthesizers
Rupert HineAdditional keyboards and vocals

Although more pop oriented, this album is one of Rush's finest! On this particular album, Rush explores melodic songs and even rap. I know that this sounds unusual for an "art rock" group, but it is definitely interesting to meld so many different styles together into a cohesive whole!

Above graphic created by Hugh Syme.

Roll The Bones is Rupert Hine's best production! Quite simply, this is Rush's third best album! Almost every single song on this cd is superb! "Roll The Bones," "Ghost Of A Chance," "Bravado" and "You Bet Your Life" are second only to "Mystic Rhythms!" "Heresy," "Where's Your Thing?," "Dreamline" and "The Big Wheel" are also quite superb! "Neurotica" and "Face Up" are also quite good! A superb work of craftsmanship!

Track No.Song TitleTrack TimingComments
1.DREAMLINE4:38A superb song which really draws you into this album.
2.BRAVADO4:35A very beautiful melodic song, highly reminiscent of The Moody Blues
3.ROLL THE BONES5:30Combine "art rock" with rap and you may get an idea of how interesting this song actually is.
4.FACE UP3:54
5.WHERE'S MY THING? (PART IV, "GANGSTER OF BOATS" TRILOGY)3:49superb instrumental work which was nominated for a Grammy award!
6.THE BIG WHEEL5:13Another great track.
7.HERESY5:26A song concerned with the fall of the Iron Curtain, which poignantly points to the inherent problems of emerging democracies
8.GHOST OF A CHANCE5:19A superb work; one of Rush's finest songs! Probably this album's best love song!
9.NEUROTICA4:40Slightly schizophrenic, but interesting nonetheless!
10.YOU BET YOUR LIFE5:00A superb song dealing with the choices we make in our lives, our religions and our beliefs.

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