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Possibly, the most preeminent of the great "art-rock" groups, Rush had been considered by many to be classified by the loathsome description of heavy metal. Rush has in reality been one of the longest lasting "art-rock", or "progressive-rock" groups! Rush has a multipercussionist -Neil Peart who has been considered by many to be the best rock drummer of all time, in addition to being an extraordinary lyricist. The majority of Rush's music is written by: Geddy Lee- whom many believe to be rock's best bass guitarist, in addition to being an outstanding keyboard player and a vocalist, and Alex Lifeson-a virtuoso electric and classical guitarist. Rush has been a group whose very nature defies description! Along the way, they have been influenced by such groups as Yes, Genesis, King Crimson, Talking Heads, the Police, and others! Unlike many other groups of this genre, Rush does not hail from the U.K., but instead from Canada! Some lofty elitists do not like Rush! They feel that the earlier preeminent art rock groups are entirely Anglocentric in nature, and that anyone outside of this group, cannot possibly be an art rock band! This of course, is nonsense! Rush has kept the "art rock" torch lit for countless individuals, who are just now beginning to discover the realm that such artists as: Pink Floyd, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Yes, Procol Harum , Genesis, Jethro Tull, King Crimson, Renaissance and others have made magnificent!

Please click on the above graphic, in order to find out more about the Rush Hall Of Fame Induction, thank you. Above logo created by Dan Hudson and Tom Johnson.

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List of Recommended titles




Caress Of Steel

First art rock album: Rush's best early album! The epic "The Fountain Of Lamneth" makes this recording a necessary purchase!


Exit... Stage Left

Art rock's greatest cd!


Power Windows

Art rock's conceptual masterpiece


Roll The Bones

Rush's best middle modern album


Retrospective II (1981-1987)

Rush's best "so-far released" compilation

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