== Beatbox Resurrection ==

A site devoted to the sounds of early drum machines.


All files are Akai .td0 format and were made on an S2000. They are zipped to save space, download faster, and because for some reason you can't upload a .td0 file on GeoCities. :-)

Click here to download Zipped .wav files of the drum machines.

A big


to Benski for the Kawai R-100 samples.

The beatboxes.

Casio RZ-1
E-mu SP-12
Hammond DPM-48
Kawai R-100 (no .td0 yet, check out the .wav files)
Korg KR-55
Roland CR-8000
Roland TR-505
Roland TR-606
Roland TR-707
Yamaha RX-21

beat freaks have been here since 5/26/99

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