1. Q. Why old drum machines?

A. With the advent of modern workstations and samplers, drum machines have become almost obsolete. Some drum machines had terrible operating systems, no quantize, no step recording, limited polyphony, etc. This is my way of updating them a bit.

2. Q. Why don't you have 808/909 samples?

A. Does the world (wide web) really need another 808/909 sample set?

3. Q. How were these samples made?

A. Most were made from .wav files I found on the web. They were a 44.1 kHz, 16 bit, mono except fot the TR-505 which was 22.01 kHz. After being downloaded, they were then edited using Cool Edit. Nothing to mess with the sound or anything. I just truncated some empty space around the samples to save a few kilobytes of memory. The samples were then transmitted to my Akai S2000 via MIDI using Steinberg ReCycle. I made the keygroups in the S2000 using the front panel and then saved it all to disk. Teledisk was used to convert it to a .td0 file and Winzip took care of the rest.